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MyPillow in Albuquerque, New Mexico - Hurrycane is not worth buying

I saw the hurrycane on TV and ordered it to take on a trip. i didn't "test drive" it before the trip, wish I had. It is not a good product. It rarely stands on its own unless perfectly placed and level.I spent too much time on the trip picking it up! The pivot head on mine doesn't pivot. i do not recommend buying it and am telling as many people as i can. Save your money. When people see it and ask me about it I say it's a piece of junk, save your money. it's difficult to collapse. i would have sent it back but the time for returning has expired.
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yes my pillow .com , I brought the pillows to and they are in a bag

for me to decide who to give them to. Really bad night sleep.

The pillows are so hard to get comfortable with. To bad I did not see this post.

I should have googled the reviews before i bought the pillows I will never buy without checking on google. Thanks


I didn't post the cane with my pillow, this site did it!


WTH does this have to do with the MYPILLOW?


umm ... ???? wrong product?!

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Mypillow Pillow


i am not a happy person,first off i ordered these pillows and they were very uncomfotable.3 members of my family all tried them and agreed. then i find out i have to pay to ship them back WHICH COST ME $ i will lose $9.95 from the company as they will diduct there shipping cost from your refund.that is a loss of $20.88. AND A STIFF NECK!! DON'T BUY PILLOWS FROM THAT HYPED UP PHONY COMPANY (MY PILLOW.COM) you can go to any store and for about $20 get a much better pillow. HERE IS THE PRICE ON THIS JUNK PILLOW . THERE SHOULD BE A LAW ABOUT SCAMS LIKE THIS COMPANY,(IT TAKES AS LONG AS 30-60 DAYS TO GET YOUR REFUND. Standard/Queen Pillow - White SQ 2028-W 1 $89.95 Standard/Queen Pillow - Green SQ 2028-G 1 $89.95 Subtotal $179.90 Shipping & Handling $9.95 Discount (My Pillow, MY PILLOW) -$52.47 Grand Total (Excl.Tax) $137.38 Tax $0.00 Grand Total (Incl.Tax) $137.38
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This sound obsessively overpriced. No pillow is worth nearly $90.

Pure greed.

Then after reading the reviews the pillows are just hype. They are looking for a sucker every minute.


Holy Smokes. With tax and shipping that's almost $100 a pillow.

Especially for something that doesn't work. I can get a stiff neck from a $3 pillow but still have *$$ in my pocket.


My name is Laura Mays I have not received a confirmation number on our order would like to know when we can expect our order email is


I just checked them out and nearly bought pillows from them. However I stopped at checkout when I saw the total price.

If they truly were BOGO, than why did they only take $59 off the total rather than $89? What was the extra $30 for? All research shows that they charge like $10 for shipping and handling and they didn't itemize anything showing S&H or taxes. Just tried to charge me nearly $130 for two pillows.

No thank you. I don't support dishonest and shady practices..

Also why does Walmart only charge like $40 per pillow but the website charges so much more?


there was a space for promo code deal4 total price $99.99 fout 2 queen & 2 Travel pillows


Definitely over priced and by excessively high margins. and for what?

broken pieces of foam? Who do you think pays for all those overly excessive, aggravating, whiny, pandering, begging sounding commercials? YOU DO!

Free Pillow my ***! You're paying for it regardless of the con.



I agree. Why in the world would anyone spend that much on a pillow that not only cost that amount, then spend more on S&H, plus horrid (non-returnable) so called return policy.

The *** got sued and had to pay a 1 million $ penalty- LOL- for deceptive advertising. The one where he blatantly lied (and now denied) its medical cures his pillow provided:..."unsubstantiated claims its products can cure snoring, migraines, fibromyalgia, and other health maladies."


Want to save some money instead of buying an unbelievably overpriced 'My Pillow'? Go to Lowes or Home Depot.

Buy a big bag of charcoal briquettes.

Put a pillow case over it and rest your head on it tonight. I will be much more comfortable than that sack of rock hard foam pieces you get from "My Pillow".


Sorry I will not be able to buy your pillows I am on a fixed income and your prices don't fit in my budget I am not rich so will continue to get mine at dollar general can get 2 pillows for $ 6.00


Wow, I knew the pillow was overpriced when they didn't show the price on the tv commercial. Yikes. Thanks forithe heads up, I'll take my business elsewhere.


Thanks will get my pillows at walmart


MyPillow people. Thank you for the reviews.

I was ready to order, but decided to do some research on the pillow and I am glad I did.

I will not make this mistake. Thanks for the heads up.


Same here, have debated buying but after reading everything here.....I definitely will NOT be purchasing "My Pillow"!!


I bought one and could not get through 1 night of sleep. Those little beads inside bunch up and get hard.

I am convinced all of these radio people saying they are great are just saying that because they are paid to do so. The pillow is awful,


A friend of mine works at a radio station.They ABSOLUTELY do get paid for the positive personal reviews you hear on the radio by the DJ, Commentator, or Announcer.


Expedited shipping for 19.98 5 days is expedited?

I complained and they held the pillows back a day and

delivery is now 8 days.

Told that delivery is my problem and call the Post Office.


BURNING MAD !!!! I live on SS , have sleep problems and these sounded like a dream ....

They were NOTHING as discribed .... Actually awakened with a headache and the sounded like straw with every movement ... I asked for a return label as any good reputable company will extend .... Satisfaction guaranteed ???

Only to find out, yes, they will refund me but I have to pay for the postage to return . Please spread the word to as many people as you can that this is a decietful company and report it to the BBB and the Attorney Genearal I feel that even if they get 10.00 from me, they will lose maybe 100 or more from YOU from not ordering . They are the losers in the end .... BUYER BEWARE .

Pillows are awful and you pay to try them . Go to BB and Beyond or Macy's , get quality products and get ALL your cash back if dissatisfied .....


Thank you.My husband and I were thinking about purchasing. Until we saw the price and did a little research.

Thanks to you. You saved us a little bundle of hard earned cash and a lot of aggravations


if you have any questions feel free to email me and i will chat.

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Mypillow Pillow