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I recently purchased a "My Pillow" for my husband to try. Within 5 minutes of my husband lying on the "My Pillow", he had a violent sneezing and coughing fit.

It didn't go away until we replaced the "My Pillow" with his old pillow. (Both pillows, by the way, were in identical pillow cases that we have used many times before). I have now washed the pillow and pillowcase and put them into a closet.

I don't need compensation for this --- I just wanted to let the company know what happened. It was frustrating that we were unable to get the promised nighttime sleeping relief that we were hoping for.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Standard Queen Classic Pillow.

Reason of review: allergic reaction to pillow.

Preferred solution: Inform the company so they can remove chemical causing reaction..

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I bought one of these pillows and noticed I now have been sneezing at night and now started with a cough. Not sure this is the cause but was fine before. Going back to my original pillow and see what happens


I have a similar story to reviewers of My Pillow. My husband has a terrible cough, much like one with croup.

It wasn't until he could identify it was made worse at night when he went to bed. It progressed until his throat would tighten and breathing became difficult that he tied the symptoms to his My Pillow that the remedy was clear. Throw out the My Pillow and use a different pillow that his symptoms disappeared.

He thought he was going to die it was that frightening. The manufacturer needs to find a way to eliminate this terrible problem before someone suffers permanent health issue and company is sued!


I purchased the My Pillow and had a life threatening allergic reaction to it. Not just a stuffing nose with coughing or sneezing but wheezing until it shut my lungs off and could not breath to point of almost passing out.

They say this pillow is hypoallergenic not for everybody. I took it to work to ship it back to the company and just 10 minutes in the car with me started shutting down my lungs with wheezing. Something is serious wrong with these pillows to cause these kind of reactions.

I have since also read where other people have ended up in the emergency room from My Pillow. Company needs to take a serious look at what is off gassing from these pillow before it does cost someone their life.

to Anonymous #1470924

I had the same problem. When emailing My Pillow, of course, they replied back that they have never heard of this happening to anyone else.

Lake Elsinore, California, United States #1330030

I purchased 2 medium pillows and had the best night sleep for a long time. I sleep with my arm under my feather pillow but wake up and my arm has fallen asleep.

Never has happened with the My Pillow.

I ordered two more for my Rv. Yes' their customer service sucks but their pillows are great.

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