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I have to say, buyer beware. I ordered the mattress topper and it arrived with a tear.

The same day it arrived I sent customer service a photo, and also showed where part of the topper had been glued. Who ever shipped it knew there was a problem. The topper is vacuum sealed and I could not imagine getting it back into the box. The resolution from customer service was to donate it to Salvation Army or Goodwill, get a receipt and they would send a new one.

My problem is that I live in a small town in Colorado. We only have Habitat for Humanity and they do not accept soft bedding donations. The closest Goodwill/Salvation Army is a 2 hour drive each way. Their solution to this was for me to ship it back at my expense.

They also said I could cut it up into small pieces to ship it back at my expense. Long story short is we settled for a 20% refund. You need to be aware that if you get a defective topper, it will become your problem. I have their pillows and now the topper which is usable and comfortable, but I am not sure how long it will last with the tear.

Very poor quality control and totally unsatisfactory customer service. It is unimaginable that they would send out a product with a defect that they tried to glue back and make it the problem of the customer.

Review about: Mypillow Mattress Topper.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $170.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Product comfortable.

I didn't like: Quality control, Ship defective product, No warranty, Did not care, Return shipping at my expens.

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I ordered my back in march of 2018. Still haven't received it and I was told my type of topper (king) was on back-order.

They told me that it would be here in two to four weeks.

It is now been more than a month. Buy it from Amazon, they at least ship.


No it’s your problem that your live in a small town in Colorado 2 hours drive each way from a goodwill / Salvation Army. Did anyone tell you to live in this type of place?

But you want to make it their problem when they had nothing to do with your decision to live where you live. So ... you don’t live near a church or something that you could not donate it to?

If you weren’t a total retard maybe you’d see the point here is to donate it and get a receipt. I’m sure a church who can give you a receipt would have been acceptable had you thought of it but you only thought to come in here and whine about why where you live is their problem not a consequence of your decision to live there.

to Clearbluesky #1428082

It's amazing how someone would reply with such a pathetic response. The customer purchased the item in good faith and should of received a quality item without flaw.

Living in a small town with or with out a Goodwill has nothing to do with good or bad customer service. The company should of sent out a new My Pillow Topper with a prepaid return label. The loss should be with the company who can and usually does right off items as losses at the end of the year..... It shouldn't be a burden to the customer.

The real point is the company sending out a defective product and not replacing it and not about donating something... The company has the responsibility to right a wrong and apparently they didn't. That's not good customer service nor is it good business... BTW, referring or calling someone a retard is a desperate attempt to express an opinion.

It actually highlights one's ignorance... Think about what you say before you say it.

to Anonymous #1437272

Thank you you are totally right

to Anonymous #1447672

How dare you. He shouldn't gone through any of this to begin with.

Stop your whining. Oh you must be in quality control.

to Anonymous #1492348

Well said and her review made my decision to not buy one, it’s BS that company makes enough money where they could have sent her another one...I don’t like the looks of that guy he’s a freaking fraud! lol

to Clearbluesky #1437269

No it is not there problem they should have gave them free shipping back and give them a brand new one if it's any reliable business they would do that

to Clearbluesky #1440070

Oh my goodness....what an illiterate, shameful reply! I OWN MY OWN BUSINESS!!!

I have been a Hair-designer for 30 years.....Now, don't get cocky, I also have a Bachelors Degree in English/Business (2) as well as an Associates Degree in Applied Science; (In case you can't figure that out I have a degree in Accounting. I got these degrees to run a better business as doing hair is my passion, and a very lucrative one at that.) I stand behind my work as well as any products I sell. This IS NOT the consumers problem, it is THE SELLERS!!! You must work at the place and terrified of losing your job to post such a rude and ignorant response.

My suggestion would be to contact the BBB of your state, as well as Consumer Affairs in your state.

They take these complaints seriously! Clearbluesky.....come out of the clouds!

to Clearbluesky #1455104

You are a total idiot, but didn’t happen to you did it?

to Anonymous #1459200

I loved the solution of cutting up the topper then mailing it back like it would change the weight of it! how do you cut up a 100 inch foam mattress?

with a chainsaw? And the religious angle is strange, how can that be part of a consumer complaint?

What a weird situation. they wouldn't like to have had to deal with me...

to Anonymous #1492351

Your such a {{redacted}} you have to be anonymous! You actually sound like a real illiterate moron! Waste of space smh

to Clearbluesky #1492786

The goodwill doesn't accept mattress toppers

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