I have to say, buyer beware. I ordered the mattress topper and it arrived with a tear.

The same day it arrived I sent customer service a photo, and also showed where part of the topper had been glued. Who ever shipped it knew there was a problem. The topper is vacuum sealed and I could not imagine getting it back into the box. The resolution from customer service was to donate it to Salvation Army or Goodwill, get a receipt and they would send a new one.

My problem is that I live in a small town in Colorado. We only have Habitat for Humanity and they do not accept soft bedding donations. The closest Goodwill/Salvation Army is a 2 hour drive each way. Their solution to this was for me to ship it back at my expense.

They also said I could cut it up into small pieces to ship it back at my expense. Long story short is we settled for a 20% refund. You need to be aware that if you get a defective topper, it will become your problem. I have their pillows and now the topper which is usable and comfortable, but I am not sure how long it will last with the tear.

Very poor quality control and totally unsatisfactory customer service. It is unimaginable that they would send out a product with a defect that they tried to glue back and make it the problem of the customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Mattress Topper.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $170.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

MyPillow Pros: Product comfortable.

MyPillow Cons: Quality control, Ship defective product, No warranty, Did not care, Return shipping at my expens.

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It came damaged and the company who claims to stand by their product should have shipped a new one immediately at no cost to buyer and also send him a prepaid return postage if they want their defective one back. END OF STORY,!I will never purchase from this company. Too many lawsuits against them


I understand your situation living in a rural area..however hind sight is 20/20 about returns..Always check on who will pay for what? I wish the company would have credited you 20-30% back..It would have made it a better fix as you still got a benefit of the pillows and the tear probably won't matter..unless you yank on it...hope it works out for you...


I call Bullhockey, he is entitled to a full refund or a replacement!


Well that made me change my mind about buying one.


I was thinking , I would buy 1, NOT NOW..


With all due respect, with the number of complaints concerning the pillow that seems to be substandard, why would anyone think the mattress topper be any different?The only good thing is that it is an American company, but when quality and customer service is poor, that negates the whole conceptI have bought pillows online (from a company based in New England) and have been very satisfied with them there was no constant television ads. Found them by doing a google search. Then I purchased very expensive pillows from a local mattress company and again, very satisfied.


I can personally say that the pillow changed my life. I have bought upwards of 40 to 50 pillows over the years and the pillow that they sell is spot on.

I HAD neck problems until I bought those pillows, (I bought a queen and King). I tell everyone I know about those things because of how good they are. All that being said, I have considered buying the topper they sell but I just can't hit the buy button. One problem I have is that I don't know what grade, density or anything else about the foam they use.

I have become a savvy mattress shopper over the years and I figured out that if you buy the firmest flip-able mattress you can buy and then buy a 3-4" topper to suit your needs then you have a mattress specially suited for you.

When you purchase separates then you can just buy another topper when needed because if you buy an ultra firm spring mattress it may last you 20 years if you flip and turn it regularly. I like the pillows so much but I think I'll just stay away from the topper.


I agree...LOVE the pillows...no neck or shoulder ache since using the pillow this past year!


Yes, I agree, I like my pillows too. But I certainly did not like his attitude when it comes to directly corresponding with him on Twitter.

He was so rude and insulting to me...js. Why do people nowadays feel its all right to tell lies and its ok?

I just don't get it anymore. Where are people who believe in the 10 commandments our parents and the Bible teaches us?


Buy in store not over phone. Bed bath beyond sells it.

Even the price online with their so called discount is a scam. With 20% off coupon at bed bath beyond, its cheaper and they take anything back anytime


You fight the credit card chare


This company is a rip off company from the beginning, run by a crackhead. I checked their pillows out a long time ago and laughed at their so called patented fill.

Lol cut up foam actually. That being said i always use a credit card to buy online that way i can dispute charge and get money back


Are you the one able to 'cast the first stone"? Unkind words...his previous life and now recovered thanks to God..and he employs those that need a second chance in their lives due to also a negative lifestyle.


In my experience, the most comfortable pillow I ever had was ‘cut up foam’. To each his own.


Good comment. Thx so much for honesty.


Don’t ever let bad customer service go without reckoning. Make sure you find out who is responsible and how to make them pay for their negligence!!!


I ordered the mattress topper, every morning the thing is hanging off the bed by at least 3 inches. called the customer service and they told me it would cost me $100.00 to ship it back, so I could donate it to a non-profit and send them a receipt, they would refund my money, how ever after I did that , they charged me for 2 pillows that came with it (that are crummy) and that I did not order , then they charged me tax , I don't live in their tax zone , they charged me shipping and handling which was supposed to be free, the end result is they charged me $100.00 dollars for spending 4 weeks of misery putting my sheets and topper back on the bed every morning. This guy preaches a good con-man venue, but provide dime store products at high prices DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY


I really feel sorry for the people who get sucked in to a product that’s not what it suppose to be!


I ordered my back in march of 2018. Still haven't received it and I was told my type of topper (king) was on back-order.

They told me that it would be here in two to four weeks.

It is now been more than a month. Buy it from Amazon, they at least ship.


No it’s your problem that your live in a small town in Colorado 2 hours drive each way from a goodwill / Salvation Army. Did anyone tell you to live in this type of place?

But you want to make it their problem when they had nothing to do with your decision to live where you live. So ... you don’t live near a church or something that you could not donate it to?

If you weren’t a total retard maybe you’d see the point here is to donate it and get a receipt. I’m sure a church who can give you a receipt would have been acceptable had you thought of it but you only thought to come in here and whine about why where you live is their problem not a consequence of your decision to live there.

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