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My pillow.com claims if you buy one you get one free.That's a bunch of BS !!!

You can get the same my pillow at Wal mart for $59.99. You pay twice that much at my pillow.com so how is that buy one and get one free???

I'm sure the pillows are comfortable, but I can't see paying that much. They are WAAAY over priced. I've also seen the same pillow at CVS, Walgreens, and Bed Bath and Beyond for the same price as Walmart.

I would never buy one directly from my pillow.com.

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I purchased a single MyPillow 5 years ago through the manuufacturer.Before S & H I paid $29.95.

The claims that it does not "pill" doesn't ring true to me.It got lumpy after the second wash.


Y'all are real whiners!My wife and I both sleep on these pillows she since Oct 2016 and me since Dec 2016.

They are just as advertised we love them.

If they do not work for you I would guess you did not follow the sizing guide.I don't work for the company and would not spend on winter in Minnasota !

Centreville, Alabama, United States #1143995

The Walmart pillow is classic and personally I consider it substandard.


They are 2 for $100 on his website, which makes than cheaper than Walmart.But you go ahead and keep giving your money to Walmart, so they can buy more cheap Oriental ***.

Me?I'd rather give my money for a product made in the USA and employs American workers.

to Anonymous Covington, Georgia, United States #1253165


to Anonymous Scottsdale, Arizona, United States #1253608

It's the same pillow made in the USA.In the U.S., the workers at Walmart are American!

Think before you write.

to Anonymous Pensacola, Florida, United States #1283062

Like your idea . Now u can get 2 plus 2 small neck pillows for 109

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