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How to get rich quick: Get some foam rubber, chop it up into pieces 1" or so in diameter, stuff them into a pillow casing and sell it as a miracle pillow for anywhere between $50 to $100. I got suckered in by the TV ads and soon found that My Pillow (which, as you might expect of something made from chopped up foam, was lumpy as ***) was at best no better than my old, broken-down, worn-out pillow I'd been sleeping on for 15 years. Fortunately, I had bought the My Pillow from a local department store, not online, so had no trouble returning it for a full refund, which I used to buy a pillow made of memory foam gel and which is the most comfortable pillow I've ever owned and which I can sincerely and enthusiastically recommend.

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I made the switch to a SOBOKAWA buckwheat filled pillow 15 years ago. Absolutely no regrets with that purchased .

The most useful characteristic of this pillow is that buckwheat naturally does not absorb heat.

It took a week or so for my neck muscles to get use to a somewhat "hard pillow". My quality of rest increased dramatically with in approximately 3 weeks, maybe less .

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