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The commercials are ANNOYING to say the least. They can stop anytime.

Over advertising is a turn off. I will not buy products that are constently advertised - this tells me a product is not worth investing in when the producer has to oversell it. Put the pillows in stores, lower the price, save on advertising and get off my tv. Your product is right up there with WEN by Chaz Dean.

Finally they are off the air - why don't you follow suit. I live and work in Minnesota and if you think because it was made here makes it better then you need to rethink this idea.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Commercial.

Reason of review: commercials.

I didn't like: Commercials.

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This robo-commercial is relentlessly being played in the same way illicit drug fanatics are constantly implying marijuana is medically beneficial for your health, as if we don't have enough problems with cigarettes. Fresh clean air is the only thing beneficial to good health.

It costs less than five bucks to make this pillow that's being sold for over a hundred bucks.

Hopefully the Chinese will pick up on this and start manufacturing and selling it for less than 10 bucks at Walmart.

That'll take this flim-flam commercial off the air waves.

Winona, Minnesota, United States #1341154

im sick of the Tv adds my pillow is a 5 minute add,,,i mute him or flip the channel...

Tucson, Arizona, United States #1301673

The fact that you feel the need to respond, and fight, people who post a negative comment about my pillow suggests you either work for, or own, the company. In which case, that means you're biased and your comments are not trustworthy or reliable.

If you want better reviews, and comments, then make a better pillow!


So you are unable to give a review because you have never used the product. Your opinions about the advertisements are not really germane to the discussion of whether the pillows are worth buying or not.

to anonymous #1302609

I agree completely!! I live in canada and I watch a station that plays old programs and I love the shows.

They play the my pillow at least every second commercial break as well as Gotham Steel, walk in bath, and Dr. Ho. And it drives me so crazy that I pause the shows just to skip over the same *** commercials. I too will not buy any of these products only because of the over advertising.

This my seem childish but it shows that over advertising has a negative impact at least on me and I'm sure others. I wont even give the product the benefit of the doubt.

Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States #1298317

I Bought A My Pillow. It's The Best Pillow I've Ever Used In My Life.

Soft But Firm. I Fall A Sleep Faster & Stay A Sleep Longer How Is Any One Going To Sell Their Products If They Only Air One Commercial A Week

Yuba City, California, United States #1297203


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