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I get so sick of watching that 70's pornstar carrying his pillow around and spouting out about how great it is. I wouldn't use one if you gave it to me.

I should sue for a new remote as I have about worn out the mute button.

If he can afford to pay for all the *** commercials they run they are charging way too much for the pillows. They make watching late night tv really frustrating, I am normally a very calm, laid back person but these commercials really freak out and have the opposite effect that he is hoping for.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Commercial.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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by all those adds on tv is to take a 2.00 item and sell it for 50.00.


70’s *** star???


At first I was happy to support what I felt was an individual who saw his product take off - I celebrated in his success and was happy to see him - such a refreshing change from typical pandering type of commercials - NOW - I'm beginning to think he has the last laugh and we all fell for his seemingly innocent approach...frankly I feel a type of brainwashing taking place - perhaps Stolkholm Syndrome...they'll break into my apartment and I will be pathetically and tearfully holding the My Pillow and clawing at the men in white coats trying to take me away....


He’s the worst. I, I, I..he’s all about himself.

Plus, he’s a big Trump supporter. I wouldn’t *** on him if he were on fire.


I agree he’s really annoying

to Bobby #1423055

I have nightmares of waking up to see him standing over me holding his pillow in a criminal way asking me "have you tried My Pillow?" Then he holds it flat over my face so I can't breathe!!


Why do viewers have to be inundated with so many "My Pillow" commercials? Disgusting.


Agree it’s a pain in the butt to keep watching this stupid add


I totally agree with you he uses 'MADE IN THE USA" to sell his product. This in Review#1161785. I also buy locally this way if I have to return something I can do it face to face.

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