A pillow is largely a matter of preference so I will not share my personal opinion of this pillow. Suffice it to say that I returned my pillow after two weeks due to being disappointed by not realizing the advertised claims. That's when the issues began.

I received "most" of my payment a few days ago: a full 48 days after I called My Pillow and began the return/refund process. They deducted their original shipping costs and I had to pay to ship the lumpy, overpriced pillow back to them. When I questioned them regarding how long my refund was taking to receive, they said their "policy allows for 30 days after they receive it in their inventory."

Horrible policy. Why are customers forced to fund their business when making returns?

I am an advocate of businesses whose product and service are good and a pain in the wallet for those who choose bad policy over customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

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First...You DID share your "personal opinion" of the pillow when you made the comment that it was "lumpy" Second...You AGREED to the "policy" when you made the purchase so crying and complaining that you "did not realize the advertised claims"is no one fault but your own,You most likely never even read the terms or ignored them!

to anonymous #829106

You sound like you work for my pillow and are getting your aggression out because the pillow does SUCK and IS lumpy!!! What a great company you work for.

to anonymous #859970

You definitely sound like you work as an internet troll for My Pillow.

Your "first" is just nitpicking. They didn't go into a bunch of opinionated details of the product.

They used a single negative adjective.

As for your "second" item, you read the sentence wrong, probably on purpose though. The PILLOW did not realize the advertised claims, as in it didn't live up to the hype. The pillow didn't do what the company said it would do, didn't act the way they said it would act.

Why would the person not realize the advertised claims? What commercials have you watched where the company advertises any type of claim that would be considered negative?

The advertised claims are things like "this will give you your best night's sleep while being comfortable and healthful for your neck & head." The pillow didn't "realize" the claims. It's like realizing interest in banking or accounting.

I mean, what advertised claims, for this product, would the customer be realizing and think it's a bad thing?

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