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You play "Amazing Grace" while on hold, which is beautiful music. However, the customer service represented ruined your testimony with me.

Though the pillows do not work for us, I would still never leave a negative comment in reference to your pillows. However, this Pat (male) asked me if I wanted to ship back on own or use your shipping label and I told him I would use yours. Later, in the conversation he was confusing me so I asked him about what he was telling me and he said I told him I said I would mail on my own. When I told him I did not say that, he began to argue with me relentlessly.

After being put on a hold a long while, when he came back on, I explained to him that he should never argue with a customer the way he did and just apologize for misunderstanding the customer. He continued to argue with me relentlessly. That is when I asked him his name and told him he should go back to listen to the tape of our conversation. I am not one to complain and report people, but because he argued with me twice relentlessly I decided to make this known.

Because of this, I would not say you have excellent customer service.

This Pat is giving your company a bad reputation for customer service and a bad testimony after playing "Amazing Grace". I think you need to change your music if this is the best customer service representatives you can do.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #1214898

"Mike" on the commercial wears his crucifix hanging outside his shirt. You religious dopes see that and think, oh my, he believes in jesus, he must be a wonderful and honest person.

And so you call and actually get sucked in with this Amazing Grace BS.

When will you religious dopes wake up. Religion is a scam in and of itself.

People also use it to scam you again, including fast talking *** men pimping pillows on television. You're so farkin' gullible and ***, you should be sterilized so you can't reproduce.

to Anonymous Commerce City, Colorado, United States #1266333

That's your opinion and as a Christian I feel sorry for you. Apparently you have nothing and no one to believe in and you seem very angry and lonely because of it.

You also think all Christians are gullible and ignorant. You couldn't be more wrong. It's funny how you only use the word "religious" instead of "Christians". Actual Christians do not jump at any offer just because someone claims to be a believer.

Religious beliefs and Christian beliefs are quite different and I can tell by your words that you don't know the difference. "Religious" people put on the airs of being believers when in fact everything is fake and is a means to injure others. Christians, on the other hand, are true believers and stand by everything they believe in. They don't deceive people or hurt people.

And they don't fall for what the religious people do or say. Why do you think that it is only "religious" people who ordered this pillow. I think this man deceived most people no matter what they believed in.

I think you just used this forum to put your negative feelings and beliefs about a subject that had nothing to do with the actual case in point. I hope "and pray" that you will one day be able to find inner peace and happiness.

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