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To receive "one pillow absolutely free," you must first pay twice the price for which you can purchase the same pillow at other places. I had seen the AS SEEN ON TV MyPillow at Walmart for approx.

$49 and on Amazon for a similar amount with a price of $10 more for the "premium" version of the pillow, so when I went online to order from the MyPillow.com website, I was confused when I put in the order for 2 pillows with the TV discount code and received a price of close to $100. I thought that the problem must be that I was ordering 2 and reasoned that I would end up getting 4 pillows due to the "order one and get one absolutely free" claim on the TV commercial, so I changed my number to 1, and the price lowered to around the Amazon cost. I figured that this was close enough and I would get 2 for that price so the deal was better. When the package arrived, I received only one pillow--which I had ordered as a gift.

I presented the gift and waited a few days thinking that the second pillow had been shipped separately. When I finally called to inquire about my second pillow, the woman in customer service was extremely abrupt and rude. She told me that I had ordered only one pillow so they had given me that pillow for half price. When I pointed out the difference in price between their pillow and the Walmart pillow, she told me that the Walmart pillow is not the same quality because Walmart buys in bulk and packages the lower quality pillow.

She told me that they had shipped the premium pillow to me and that if I wanted a second pillow I would have to order another one. I ended the call and checked on the prices again before calling back. I received the same rude response from a different rep. I told them that I am an unhappy customer.

They do not care. I could not return the first pillow because I had given it as a gift. However, I will say that I have seen the pillow since and am not impressed. The pillow is no better than any other foam pillow you can purchase over the counter.

This company must be laughing all the way to the bank, and they could not possibly care less about the consumer experience. I cannot warn you strongly enough against doing business with this company.

Now, every time I see that TV commercial, I change channels or mute the volume. What a disappointment!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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maybe actually listen and research b4 you go ahead and guess... just a suggestion.


So glad I read these reviews almost got taken too ! I too saw the cheesy commercial


Same experience here. False advertising.

The rep i talked

to seemed like he could care less and when i questioned him about

the t.v. ad...buy one, get one free, he hung up on me.

buyer beware!!

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