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The ads about enjoying "Deep REM Sleep" all night long are still running. Really????

That's an oxymoron if I ever heard one! I'm surprised that the National Sleep Foundation hasn't cited you on that. Just shows what an honor that endorsement is....NOT! You could say that your ads are doing the job because I am very familiar with them and retain what is being sold.

However, the ads have a negative effect on me. If the manufacturer doesn't know anything about REM & deep sleep cycles & claims to be "the last pillow ['ll] ever buy", no way am I going to buy the product.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Commercial.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Seattle, Washington, United States #1186422

Well you say NOTHING about owning the product, thus you have no business injecting your opinion into what is a REVIEW THREAD. You have a problem with the commercials; then turn the *** channel and until you do buy one of these pillows nothing you say is relevant so shut up...please.

to Anonymous Hood River, Oregon, United States #1189648

I've read these pissy reviews and they all seem to come from fairly unintelligent people, broke people and people who have never actually slept on a My Pillow. They get turned off by the weird bumps and it looks cheap when you take it out of its package.

My husband and were a little put off, but after giving the pillows a spin in the dryer for 15 minutes (as recommended) we took them to the bed and laid down. Amazingly comfortable!

I've been an insomniac for years, and these first three nights with My Pillow have been lovely. Solid, deep sleep without waking.

I don't care how ugly some reviews are. Sleep is a beautiful thing.

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