My Pillow offers a 10 year warranty on its pillows... Also, they are made in the U.S.

And, Mike Lindell gives money to charity and pillows to the homeless and the troops. I don't think most other pillows offer that.. Check the tag- guaranteed to be made in China or in a sweatshop someplace. Don't be ignorant.

Also, getting your money back in 60 days is VERY reasonable. Most stores give you 30 days, not 60.

I love the pillows and I surely didn't just "fall off the turnip truck" as you suggest. Get the facts straight before you go bashing a great company doing great things for America!

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1183789

wake up lady,you must work forlindell

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #1179601

I'm wondering what your relationship is with the company. The pillows are ***!

Of course he donates to charity as he is only donating other peoples money, not his own in reality.

I think no one but a fool would think this pillow is worth $100 or more. You're either related to the company or a big sucker yourself.

Denver, Colorado, United States #1179450

Once again, this sounds fact and scripted. Carolina Sleep company has shredded memory foam pillows, offers a 10 year gaurentee, AND has 90 money back as well. Stop getting paid to do none sense work.

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