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I was suspicious when I noticed he wears his crucifix OUTSIDE the collar of his button down shirt; protruding out like he left his fly open.Anyone who has to advertise their Christianity (or any other religion) so blatantly automatically raises warning flags for me.

Then the 2 for $49 deal is NOT 2 for $49 when you try to order it, AND it does NOT include shipping.

It's closer to $100 and, having checked some review sites, it apparently also costs shipping to return it?!Glad I checked it out first, I have been burned SO MANY TIMES by "as seen on TV" endorsements and dealt with so many companies who put advertising $ ABOVE product quality & manufacturing, that now I don't buy ANYTHING that I can't hold in my hands or see with my eyes BEFORE I pay anything

Review about: Mypillow Buy One Get One Free Deal.

Reason of review: Not as described.


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i always been suspicious of people who wear religion on their sleeves.


yes and you hear AMAZING GRACE on hold for 30 min

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