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I can't get to the remote fast enough to mute this "my pillow" commercial. Can't stand M.

L.s irritating, shyster voice, hawking his overpriced cheesy pillow. He stands there, hugging this chopped styrofoam piece of ***, like it was some kind of gift from God. He invented the styrofoam pillow???.....Right!, like I invented the "paper bag"!!!! Sorry Mike, the styrofoam pillow was invented long before you were even born!

He claims, it's adjustable. OK Mike......please show me the adjustment mechanism!! You also claim your pillow is endorsed by the National Sleep Foundation.....sorry Mike, I also checked with the National Sleep Foundation. They say that it is not their policy to indorse any specific product.

So tell me Mike, I'd like to know, which N S F are you referring to?? Oh, but if you buy one, I'll give you the second one for free!! Here's what I've discovered Mike, in my 82 yrs.

here on this beautiful earth. Any time someone offers you a second thing for free, the first one is way over priced!!

Reason of review: Can't stand commercials every 2 min on Fox News.

I didn't like: Commercials.

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HELLO this is mike!!!! and I have a pillow for your *** head also!!!!

Keep that little purple pp head sturdy straight and ready for action !!! I guarantee a straight *** or your money back!!! Your wiener will be sleeping like a hot dog in a bun!! Gotta go now!!!

Have to sniff those paint fumes so I can make another commercial!!! '''


I really enjoyed your review! lol Thanks for posting it.

I was seriously considering spending my money on one of these pillows! I changed my mind thanks to your review! Not the first bad one I've seen either. Won't be buying into the hype.

Thanks for the entertaining advice!


he said it like it is thank u


Right on,thanks for your review,your one smart 82 year old person.I was thinking about maybe purchasing this pillow and after reading your review I just took this product off my list of things I need to buy.I kinda figured that this might be a hiped up product.

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