Plymouth, Massachusetts
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I bought out of a catalog for $300.00. I hated it , it was hard and hurt pressure points on my body.

It wouldn't compress on needed areas. I rolled on top of me, and mattress under is normal, not saggy at all. The fabric is rough, the indentations in the embossing hurt your skin, even through sheets. I called just after receiving it to catalog customer service jeannie wouldn't let me return it because it was used.

She acted horrible "My pillow ,inc", refused to give back any refund, I tried for days, they are brutal, bullies, right from the, told, "my pillow"customer service that, "I tried to return to the catalog person answering, (jeannie), wouldn't take it back, said.(It was used).", Told this to person, when I called customer service of"my pillow". They still refuse to take it back, because I ordered it from some one else, well it's their product, they made it, was shipped directly from their factory, their box, address, everything "my pillow", the catalog was just a "middle guy" making a small profit for selling it for "my pillow, ". For almost a month the two parties, caused me horrible grief!!!

Finally, I spoke to another person at the catalog co. I Took a long time explaining, she took pity on me, as I was crying from time to time, she sent Angel from heaven and sent !e a return label no postage needed. But in the long run, "my pillow co." should have taken care of my situation. He preaches10 yr warranty, I said that to customer service of "my pillow"said, "only if it had a manufacturers defect." , are they liable, and only if it was purchased from them.

What about channels like"hsn" I wonder if they know about this exception, they sell the same way a.catalog co.

sells, I don't have a clue. My references wouldn't be positive.

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