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I saw the commercial and thought I would try them. For $19.99 what did I have to lose?

I went on line and was surprised to see a price of $99.97 for each pillow, not even a 2 for 1 price. I thought maybe when I put the promo code in it would change the price to $19.99 for both pillows, it didn't. I then called the 800 number thinking something might be wrong with the web site and they would honor the price in the commercial. I was wrong.

Not only didn't they honor the advertised price I was told they never say $19.99 in the commercial and $19.99 never appears in the commercial. I have seen this commercial maybe a hundred times and they always say $19.99 and get the second pillow for free. This is clearly false advertising.

I thought there were laws against this. I am going to contact the Consumer Affairs Department here in California and see what can be done.

This reviewer shared experience about "not priced as advertised $19.99" and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue. This person is overall dissatisfied with Mypillow. The most disappointing about mypillow buy one get one free deal at Mypillow was lied about product Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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They lie on TV they say buy one get one free but they charge you for both at $107.98 they need to be reported to the better business bureau and taken off the TV and shutdown

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #1217721

I hope you and others do complain against that "pillow guy", something needs to be done. I don't understand why this is allowed to continue.

The creep!! Thanks for your review. Saved me some money.

denarnr. New West, B.C.

Clute, Texas, United States #1216906

I as well wake up with neck aches sometimes. I went to the website to check on the price.

(Hubby told me around $50.00) I thought cool,I could do that.

Click the 2 for 1 and found out that yes, the mypilllow was $99.00 a piece. Not in a cold day in *** would I pay that for one pillow.

Newark, New Jersey, United States #1216841

I, too have seen that commercial hundreds of times (on digital broadcast television in the North East US), and yes it definitely DOES say "$19.99 and get the second one free" - and was then wondering the very same things you were after visiting their website. I notice the "Promo Code" in the ad differs from time to time, but nowhere on their website is there any 2 for $19,99 price, even with the Promo Code applied.

Also, just the idea that anyone should pay $100 for one pillow tells me more than I need to know about this company, in addition to their disingenuous behavior. Too scammy for me, can't trust it.

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