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This evening, I viewed a My Pillow advertisement on Fox News and then called your 800 number to obtain price and shipping information. The TV advertisement said (TV Promotion Code 510) the pillow is $20.00 plus shipping.

When I spoke to the MY Pillow representative, she stated the price was $89.95 plus shipping at $9.80 to my location. The representative said that the price I quoted was incorrect. I advised that the price of $20.00 is what appears in the commercial. I equate this to false advertising.

Your representative stated that if I should see this advertisement again, take a photo of the ad and then send it to: orders@mypillow.com and I would receive a fee of $200.00. I seriously think that your marketing department needs to conduct an in depth review of all your TV ads for accuracy to avoid misleading or erroneous pricing.

At this time, I am holding off purchasing any pillow(s) from your company because of price inconsistency and the negative consumer information I have read.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of false advertising. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "false advertising (price)" of mypillow commercial. Mypillow needs to "i did not purchase a pillow, but wanted to complain about the price inconsistency" according to poster's claims.

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Arlington, Tennessee, United States #1247319

I also have noticed that the code is different every time it's aired!


I have yet to see any ads for $20, but agree that after reading the reviews...I think I will continue up my search for a new pillow. Purchased sleep numbers "customizable" pillow, but it is 4 yes old and time for a new one (as of 2 yrs ago) and not keen on paying $170 for a pillow (first one I worked into purchase deal with bed).

Woodland Hills, California, United States #1243204

My god you must have down syndrome... Ive seen the ad a million times, and not once does it mention the price!

Thats why they offer you a reward, you ***! Because they know they wont have to pay you because the commercial doesnt show a price.

to Anonymous Coronado Ntl Forest, Arizona, United States #1244484

down syndrome reference is very rude, you insensitive fuhk.

Euless, Texas, United States #1243075

They're in a class action law suit for this, go get your $$! Gotta register by the end of the year (google for more info, i don't have the site)

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