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Complaint Category: None of the Above - Advertising Complaint Issue

Complaint: No one reads the fine print for a $19.99 purchase.

My pillow order #*********.

After having problems sleeping awoke to infomercial with claims of the best pillow ever. Checked online and found special for 30 day trial of 2 pillows for $19.99. You can not complete the purchase without clicking tab for agreeing to terms. It is only there in the fine print that disclose additional billing of $149.99.

After calling to complain I was informed of the tab I clicked agreeing to terms of the sale. I checked back with the ad and read the print to discover shame on me for not reading the fine print. I think most consumers read the fine print for a substantial purchase but for under $20, a BBB endorsement, and money back guarantee why bother.

Seeing the BBB A+ rating on the ad also let my guard down because shame on me for not reading the fine print. I was shocked when the additional charge was placed on my credit card. I thought I was buying 2 pillows for the $19.99. I would never spend $169.99 for 2 pillows, that's crazy because pillows can be bought all day at discount stores starting at $5 each.

I have seen similar complaints on the BBB web site, and complaint settled in favor of My Pillow because technically the My Pillow ad covers the terms of the purchase however I contend that the BBB is enabling My Pillow to stretch or hide in fine print the true cost for the product in the fine print of the advertising.

Initial Business Response

Customer made phone contact with MyPillow on 4/7 to state that package was never received although the customer called on 4/4 to return the product. Package was delivered on 3/8. Customer may return items for a refund of product cost.

Complaint Resolution: Company addressed the complaint issues. The consumer failed to acknowledge acceptance to BBB.

- See more at: http://www.bbb.org/minnesota/business-reviews/pillows/my-pillow-in-chanhassen-mn-9615****/complaints#breakdown

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Monetary Loss: $179.

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Does anyone have a video or picture of the commercial showing where it was 2 for 19.95? If so can you send it to me please?

I've looked for 2 days, and haven't had any luck.

Thank you in advance! My email stacilovesherlilman@***.com


Does anyone have a video of the actual commercial? If so could you please send it to me I need it.

I've been searching online and on YouTube but haven't had any luck. I know I saw this commercial because it ran during almost every commercial break


I wanted to check out what others had to say before I decided whether or not to buy this pillow. I'm so glad I did!


ANYTIME you see "30 day trial" or "trial" of any kind, period, you better read the fine print. A trial in the business world is allowing you to try it in your home for 30 days, then you will be charged more!

Just a fyi for you, all these companies are ripoffs just be smart when ordering anything with the word trial. Sorry you got screwed over!


My pillow is a rip off!


The guy, Lindell knew what he was doing. We all saw an ad for some time saying g $19.99 for two pillows.

No one saw any five or it that said otherwise. It was a way for him to make some fast sakes knowing people msy not catch the so calked fine print. I spoke to the guy via email, NOT professional or believable at all.

Never but from that guy. He dies not deserve the business, in my opinion!


Good god! Did you attend grammar school?






The BBB in Minnesota no longer rates My Pillow. So I guess they have too many complaints.

I still see on the advertisements that they are boasting an A+ BBB rating when you go to the site, it is no longer rated with an NR. https://www.bbb.org/minnesota/business-reviews/pillows/my-pillow-inc-in-chaska-mn-9615****


Thanks for all the reviews. I was about to order 2 pillows for $19.99.

I too didn't bother reading the fine print. But still a bit leary I called and said I would like the TV offer of 2 pillows for $19.99. The woman on the phone said, "I don't know where you got that price but we dont show prices on the TV ad".

Then I found this site and read the reviews...wow their ADs are very misleading, if not totally a lie. Too good to believe is usually NOT GOOD AT ALL.


The National Sleep Foundation, on it's web site, that it does not endorse any products. So My Pillow is false advertising.


I get upset when I see the TV commercials for "My Pillow"

virtually everyday. I purchased The pillows based on the national sleep foundation recommendation.I was disappointed with the product and gave the pillows away. Consumers should check out the 500 negative reviews before they make

their purchase!


Slippery slope this company is on. I'm trying to find where you can buy 1 pillow for $200.00 That's where the scam is


Wow! After seeing over 167 complaints have been filed against My Pillow Inc.

with the Minnesota Better Business Bureau, I am totally convinced the company has serious problems with both their product & their customer service.

Sorry Mom, but I am NOT going to giving you products whatsoever from "My Pillows" for this Christmas or Ever!


Must be marketed by the same people who ran Obama's Presidential campaign. They got him elected until we got to read the fine print.

Both are scams. Never buy this pillow. They were giving them away at a trade shoe a year ago. The sucked then and still do now.

National Sleep foundation? Give me a break!


I think this republican has a twisted mind putting the president in this. You are just a sick sore loser, you loser


Another loser liberal


Another republican ***. I would expect you to have a picture of Trump under your My pillow and kiss both every night!


Actually, everything wrong with your life is President Obama's fault. It's nice for you to not have to take responsibility for your many failures.

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