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Complaint Category: None of the Above - Advertising Complaint Issue

Complaint: No one reads the fine print for a $19.99 purchase.

My pillow order #*********.

After having problems sleeping awoke to infomercial with claims of the best pillow ever. Checked online and found special for 30 day trial of 2 pillows for $19.99. You can not complete the purchase without clicking tab for agreeing to terms. It is only there in the fine print that disclose additional billing of $149.99.

After calling to complain I was informed of the tab I clicked agreeing to terms of the sale. I checked back with the ad and read the print to discover shame on me for not reading the fine print. I think most consumers read the fine print for a substantial purchase but for under $20, a BBB endorsement, and money back guarantee why bother.

Seeing the BBB A+ rating on the ad also let my guard down because shame on me for not reading the fine print. I was shocked when the additional charge was placed on my credit card. I thought I was buying 2 pillows for the $19.99. I would never spend $169.99 for 2 pillows, that's crazy because pillows can be bought all day at discount stores starting at $5 each.

I have seen similar complaints on the BBB web site, and complaint settled in favor of My Pillow because technically the My Pillow ad covers the terms of the purchase however I contend that the BBB is enabling My Pillow to stretch or hide in fine print the true cost for the product in the fine print of the advertising.

Initial Business Response

Customer made phone contact with MyPillow on 4/7 to state that package was never received although the customer called on 4/4 to return the product. Package was delivered on 3/8. Customer may return items for a refund of product cost.

Complaint Resolution: Company addressed the complaint issues. The consumer failed to acknowledge acceptance to BBB.

- See more at: http://www.bbb.org/minnesota/business-reviews/pillows/my-pillow-in-chanhassen-mn-9615****/complaints#breakdown

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Monetary Loss: $179.

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You’re a complete idiot for thinking that lame analogy was even close to acceptable. What the *** does your stupid decision to buy a pillow have to do with a presidential election?


No my dear. These liars are Trump supporters like you.

My pillow reflects your kind and the liar you voted for.

Trump has eliminated consumer protections and YOU voted for it. Screwing yourself blindly to support a {{Redacted}}.


These people who blame them because they did not read the fine print are obviously six years old and should have had mommy read everything including the fine print before hitting the submit button. This is not false advertising if stated on the website in fine print the total cost. The child who wrote this should have mommy explain exactly what false advertising is before they make a fool of themselves by throwing the word around.

@Quanasia Fbj

May not be false. But definitely misleading.


My Pillow owns The National Sleep Foundation. I am starting The South Louisiana Alligator Foundation. Who is gullible enough to send me some money?


I was just about to order two pillows (buy 1 and get one free as advertised on TV last night), but after reading all the complaints here, there is no way I will be buying any of these pillows. How does anyone get away with advertising like this?


If you want to see the pillow for free you can go to Bed, Bath and Beyond. I h e ld one there and wondered how anyone could sleep on that pillow.


My pillow cost $85. It was a lumpy bag of cut up pieces of foam rubber.

My family tried it also. Hated it After a month, I threw it out and bought a pillow for ten bucks. Now they are claiming BOGO. 50% off.

$50 plus shipping each. No thank you Imus.


I read the fine print and decided to give it a try. I used to buy a new pillow every two months after they would go flat.

Me and my wife got the my pillow have had for over a year and it is still as good as the day it came in the mail.

The high upfront cost is more then worth it when you compare it to buying a new $10 -$20 pillow every few months. It was the most use I've gotten out of $119 in a long time.


Really, you buy a new pillow every 2 months? I buy firm bed pillows from Walmart for $7.00, and they last a year. I see that (3) people from the My Pillow company gave your fake comment a positive rating.


Do these pillows really work? Don't mind the price if they help me sleep well and are comfy u know??


anon: they're cloth bags filled with floor sweepings. you can make your own by buying a real pillow & cutting it to shreds for only $7.oo @ your local store. :^/


it's obvious that you work for or are related to mike lindell, anonymous, so cut the ***. i see other friends, relatives, employees gave you 23 up-votes.

no matter, as everyone knows you're lying. x^b


I just experienced the same issue. I bought 2 pillows for &26 and was charged $179 today only to learn that I was only charged for shipping.

Not in a million years would I pay over $200 for two pillows.

I never even saw that fine print and I'm very diligent in reading things. So yes I will Never do business with that company again.


I had the exact same experience as above. To my surprise, an addition 147.00 was charged to my card after 30 days. It is truly a SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't understand why anyone would buy MyPillow online at such an unbelievable price. I bought two at Bed Bath and Beyond for $40 each after using my 20% off coupons. So far we like them especially because we can fluff them with no trouble and I can even shape it to support my neck while watching TV in bed.

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