My pillow also fell apart in washer and it was only third wash and less than 1 year old .When I called customer warranty they actually told me I had to pack up the millions of foam that ruined my washer and send it back with the casing because they didn't believe me,and the address to ship it to was 5 lines long can you believe it.plus you have to pay to ship an already expensive piece of foam back .And they don't even care that people are losing expensive washing machine which are much more necessary than a *** memory foam pillow which I can make my self!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

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Holliston, was it the second or third wash that made it fall apart in your washing machine? Two posts from Holliston, days apart, posting almost identical stories? Hmmm...

Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #854231

people from Buffalo are generally ***; you sir are no acception

Buffalo, New York, United States #828275

If you can "make it yourself" why didn't you?

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