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My complaint is that I'am getting tired of there

horrible commercials! I wish they would take there

commericals off the air!!!

These commericals are just as bad as their products!

I don't know why I have to enter 80 words + just to get a

complaint published!

Anybody else besides me getting tired of there commericals?

Because I know for a fact I'am not the only one who sick

these commericals!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Reason of review: Your commericals suck!!!.

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Agree will mut My Pillow every time on national tv programs. How can Mike Lindell afford the cost of advertising? There will continue be law suits and put him out of business.


Yes, I am VERY tired of their commercials. I also wonder how they can afford such long commercials.

I know they charge by the second and their commercials run almost 2 minutes.

I mute them as soon as I hear the intro music. Thank goodness for the mute button!


Commercials are annoying and horrible. He also claims pillows don’t lose stability, yet in one commercial he presses down with his right hand, and his left has shortened the pillow by about 1/4 length.

Of course the filling will stay fluffed. Gimme a break!


I too am sick of seeing Mike Lyndel commercials on every major tv station 24/7. Commercials are expensive how can he afford.


I am also sick in tired of seeing my pillow commercials spamming the airways. The product is flawed and and no better than a $19.99 pillow from Walmart.

It does not stand up to washing and drying as advertised and is not the most comfortable pillow I have ever used. Memory foam pillows are much superior and more comfortable on every level.

If you are having problems sleeping at night chances are it has zero to do with your pillow. This pillow is a scam, wat too expensive and falls way short of living up to the hype.


I HATE THIS GUY...HE IS MAKING ME SICK!!..I always have to mute the audio..I wish he would just take all his millions and go away..How much money does this guy need!!


Sooo sick of his commercial every few minutes!! I mute or change the channel.

If the pillows were worth it, they wouldn't have to advertise all the time.

Was in Wal-Mart the other day and a lady was taking one back for a refund. No thank you, not buying.


Trying to watch World News Now and about every 3rd commercial is this clown. He's actually a *** who claims to have gotten clean, I'm not convinced. Please Mike, go away already.


I too am really sick of hearing your ads. I wouldn't buy your pillow because of your offensive ads. I so like Trump tho.


I agree whole heartedly. Anyone dumb enough to waste their money need to test their brains. Stupid is not hereditary.


What's worse for me is that they are still in standard definition, which means they were produced more than 10 years ago. As a result, the technical quality is awful.

Don't be a cheap-ass. Update your ads to the 21st century


This my pillow guy keeps wearing the same blue shirt with a Crucifix hanging out to make himself look honest. We are so sick of these commercials we could punch *** through the monitor.


It took this guy 3 years to cut some foam. I feel sorry for the people who fall for this nonsense


Please go away. Tiered seeing your face and listen to add


He also says this cut up foam is his patented fill, if I need to cut up some foam will I be in violation of the mypillow patented fill? Give me a break, I see this commercial so much I wanna punch the mypillow guy in the face, he must be rolling in the money those commercials aren’t free. Just go away already.


I switch channels when the pillow and the buy gold commericials show up.


I grab my remote and mute him. The cross?

Advertising Christian.

Some people go to church to pray. He goes to prey!


Please enough already, now we have to listen to his freaken mattress cover. When will it ever end.


my cat just died on my pillow just kidding


is this my pillow crap being forced on us or what its just a f ing pillow that will all be at yard sales next spring leave us alone already