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My complaint is that I'am getting tired of there

horrible commercials! I wish they would take there

commericals off the air!!!

These commericals are just as bad as their products!

I don't know why I have to enter 80 words + just to get a

complaint published!

Anybody else besides me getting tired of there commericals?

Because I know for a fact I'am not the only one who sick

these commericals!

This person wrote the review because of "your commericals suck!!!" of mypillow pillow from Mypillow. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Mypillow to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Sorry to be crude but the thing that bugs me most is the guy looks a *** and is always cradling his pillow to his crotch. And he rocks back and forth while he talks. I really don't want a pillow with "his patented fill"


Look up the reviews on Amazon. More then Half of my Pillow owners do Not like them.

I also read that the BBB has a case pending where they need to remove the phrase "the Best nights sleep ever"(in your Life) False advertising.The pillows cost 3 times as much as Sertas, or Beauty Rests mainly because the advertisement commercial productions, and frequency is out of control. Paid actors, many times a day frequency on multiple channels, and a good line of B/S is what makes average consumers silly, and they all believe the Hype. There is so much info out there about the 'Patented adjustable fill' which is nothing but many irregular cut pieces foam.

Costs approx $6.00 to produce one Queen sized pillow. I am tired of this Guy Mike Lindell too.


I hate commercials but this one rates 10 on my hate scale. I gotta ask why the sleepy guy in the commercial who shouts to his wife to come see the celebrity in the medicine cabinet isn't instead shouting for her to dial 911!?!?

Why are they so excited that they're talking to the "my pillow guy"...you would think they would wonder how and why this psycho got in their medicine cabinet in the middle of the night!!! Then they oh so casually accept his invitation (in their pajamas) into their bedroom to make them lay down so he can hover over them insisting they aren't sleeping right, making honking noises, saying they need his pillows. They should have run to the neighbors and called the cops!

Am I right? And don't get me started on that off-key horrible tone deaf singing in the jingle -_-




I too am sick and tired of being subjected to these stupid commercials. Time to boycott them.

I will admit I used a My Pillow for one night's sleep. It was given to us as a gift. Not impressed with it and it was not the miracle sleep cure they make it out to be.

This guy must be making millions off these lame pillows to afford all these commercials, enough is enough. Hopefully, it will fade away in short order like the Ab-flex, Thigh Master and all the other gimmicks out there.


I am tired of the actor saying you know, I tell my wife, Ju,know ,lol


Among other poor qualities, the guy says "more gooder" when he pushes down on a contoured foam pillow. That's bad enough, but he doesn't have to push down on that part of the pillow, JUST TURN THE DAMN THING AROUND..............the other end of it is the size he's trying to create..............AGGHHHH !!!!!


I agree, change the stupid commercials


There must be a lot of clueless suckers buying this ripoff else the commercials would not be running non-stop. Even more annoying is the idea he stole where his ugly mug is on the other side of the medicine cabinet. How annoying !!!


How can this guy afford ALL of the commercials he airs? It's like 3 per hour on multiple cable channels.

Is there THAT much money in pillows? I got a feeling something funny is going on behind the scenes.


I this guy is a crook andA jerk.Please take him off the air.


How about one day a month where the terrible ads go on hiatus. I would love a 24 hour break every 30 days from the worst ads in the world. They are annoying and we always mute.


Yea the man is sickening....Never trust someone who wears their religion on their sleeve....via their chest.


Just put the TV on mute or I have dish so pause for a couple of minutes while this stupid commercials airs, then I resume the broadcast. Hate Hate Hate this commerical!!!


running for almost two years every 45 minutes. And i pay for it with cable service.


My Pillow is an overpriced foam product that cost less than $5 to make and sells for $50. Go to Walmart and buy a true and tried feather pillow for under $7 Add more feathers and you will have a pillow that is comfortable, amazing, and lasts a lifetime.

Mike Lindell spends millions to persuade you to buy this {{redacted}}.

Please persuade others NOT to buy this overpriced disaster so we can put and end to this endless “snake oil” salesman’s parade of the most annoying commercials in the history of mankind.

I am so discusted with these endless mindless stupid annoying ENDLESS commercials! Did i say ENDLESS?


Stupid my pillow commercials have wasted countless minutes if my life! I wouldn't but a pillow from this crook if he was the last chance!!


I agree with nearly everyone else that has posted... I AM SICK OF THESE COMMERCIALS.

They are horribly scripted and produced. I never knew there was a connection between a pillow and sleep? That is probably one of the most ignorant lines from any commercial I've ever heard.

For the simpleton who referred to people as trolls who complain about having to be bombarded with this ridiculous drivel.... We don't care about your name calling.


The stupid commercials are so bad I would never buy the product. The guy (Mike) is ridiculous the way he talks and acts. His little gold cross hanging out of his collar to make all the bible toters think My Pillow will get them to heaven or something.

to Anonymous #1431240

The worst one is the one with Mike in the medicine cabinet. He even has the other guy looking like an idiot like him at the end of the ad. Makes me want to throw up.

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