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Have to mute TV way too many times - every time the commercial plays. The most irritating commercial I have ever seen.

I would never buy the product even if I did believe his nonsense about the product. Wish he would go broke or get banned from TV and take his product with him. Please please please will someone do something about these very annoying advertisements.

Wish more people would complain but alas he pays his money and he gets to be on the air as much as he wishes. The networks must be having a hard time getting advertising to give him so many ads per hour.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Commercial.

Reason of review: annoying.

Preferred solution: Get the ads off the air!.

I didn't like: Commercials - very irritating.

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I mute my tv every time he come on. He is annoying.

How long is, his stupid commercials going to be on.

I would never buy his pillow. His


Advertising should have legal limits based upon medical considerations. Marketing serves a purpose but becomes toxic past a certain point.

Research since the Korean War is clear on this. There is measurable mental harm caused by forced repetition.

It would be interesting to see some landmark litigation in this arena. It harms individuals and society as a whole.

I look forward to a day not too far away when technology will seamlessly allow the targets/victims of crap advertising to interact with the source of annoyance. Voice control exists now. Tell the TV control box to block all Mypillow commercials. Or Liberty Mutual or Mesothelioma, financial predators, etc.

Give us a choice. Allow us to have some say. If it is absolutely economically necessary to have advertising please let us watch or listen to something uplifting and pleasant.

A line from a favorite movie: "I heard you the FIRST time." Getting the same message more than once leaves one in a cranky mood.

Like being pestered by a Magpie. Mosquitoes, fleas. After a hundred or more times even a reasonable person will start looking around for bug spray or a BB gun.

If the big shots are smart they will listen to the interactive feedback from viewers and modify their methods. Cold War brainwashing although effective is wrong and hurts people.

There are other and much better ways of making money.

Good products sell themselves. Their value is self evident without mental manipulation.


I am not watching any channel that has the sickening Dumb My Pillow Adds, They ran them way to much. The chopped up foam pillow is worth $5 Bucks.

Everyone that bought one got ripped off. If Mike spent more on the pillow and less on Sicking ADDS.

Every one that bought a pillow should get to gather and have a pillow bond fire. And then show it on TV as much as the commercials.


I record everything I watch, just so I can fast forward through his commercials. After hearing from people who have actually spent the money on them, I wouldn't waste my money.

Absolutely hate his commercial. If it comes on and I am not near the controller, I put my hands over my ears and hum loud.


I change the channel and the SOB is there too.


Don't mute. Change channel. Maybe that will make a difference.


I change the channel. Hopefully it will make a point. Change the channel.


This guy is making me sick. I mute him in 1.5 seconds & put my hand over my face to block him.

What a scam--walmart & all other stores have millions of good pillows wtf. Don' fall for this..but , he depends on stupid people I guess.


My pillow commercials are so annoying I keep the remote handy just to keep changing channels so I don't have to keep watching it how many times do they have to keep beating you down with same stupid commercial. I love Fox News but the old boy on the commercial must have it in good with somebody in sales.

Fox will start losing their viewership if they keep beating us down with this stupid crap. G

to Gunnie #1436988

I agree and will be writing Fox news that I can't watch them so often because of that annoying commercial.


Wish he would move to China. Hate the guy, hate his commercials and wouldn't take his pillow if it was free.

Almost as bad as that Asian guy and his dorky family shilling the PCMatic product.

I thought the Progressive Insurance dame was bad enough (and she's bad) but Mike the crack addict pillow guy takes the cake. If he showed up in my bathroom medicine cabinet...I'd have to poke his eyes out with my toothbrush...

Check out One America News, they're not on there as much as our beloved Fox News...


Agreed! I hate this commerical too.

Everytime I'am watching the Fox channel.

The commericals are bad enough. Especially this commerical.

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