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Getting sick and tired of your *** commericals!!! Hard enough to watch the FOX channel with *** commericals coming on all the time!

Every time I see your commerical come on.

I want to throw the remote at

tv! Absolutely hate that *** jingle! Anybody else besides me getting tired of this commerical? I'm not sure what other channels this aired on.

But I know FOX has this commerical on enough!

For the love of God please take this commerical off the air! Bet I know I'm not the only one who sick of this commerical!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Commercial.

Reason of review: Not as described.

I didn't like: Commericals.

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i hate commercials, everyone of them, im drove away from tv because of them, i want to throw all the tv,s out when i see the crap,by the time th show is on, i have no idea wtf is on anymore, and we PAY for the pleasure, greed greed and more greed. physiological bombardment,


Hate this bum!! Would never buy his product.

He should be ashamed of wearing the cross outside his shirt with his background of crime. If FOX only knew how often I change channels when he is on they might reconsider having his awful and lengthy ads.


I always hit the mute when my pillow commercials come on.

1 the gratuitous crusifix placement outside his shirt

2 The sane bad blue shirt

3 the awful rug

4 the fact that the pillows are not that good (I bought 2 and don’t use them)

5 all the radio and tv personalities that endorse them for a condition of advertising


Metv the worst tv channel for advertising this crap pillow. I just mute the sound when it come on but pretty soon I'm going to stop watching this channel altogether. Boycott my pillow first, then metv next


I can't this Mike person selling his "special" pillows. What a scam!!

He can't even pronounce the word pillow.

He's a terrible spokesperson for his product. What a ***...!

to Eallen #1423070

can’ Pronounce inventor either


I bought Alexa, now all I have to do is tell her "Alexa shut up" when the commercials airs, then when its finally finished, I say "Alexa, continue" then "alexa skip ahead two minutes" No more bothersome my pillow ad. I was sick of it!!!!

Lake City, Florida, United States #1324200

Hate braggart liars!!!

El Cajon, California, United States #1298450

Just,went to their site and posted the following, after clicking on 'Contact Us':

I am sick of hearing Mike M's loud commerical, especially on Pandora. Sitting here, relaxing listening to nice, soothing music then I hear him yelling like he is on fire. Sick of it!!!!!!!!

Notice the is a website for people to vent their own frustrations:***-commericals-20160312808372.html

Seattle, Washington, United States #1229362

I agree, that commercial is on the sir constantly! Take it off the air!

I have read countless reviews on this product and it sucks! Nobody is happy with their purchase

Battle Creek, Michigan, United States #1219968

I hate this intrusion. My life is worse for your ads. Die in ***

Dana Point, California, United States #1206159

I can't stand that commercial I am so sick of it.

College Grove, Tennessee, United States #1164923

I used to watch HLN channel 202 on Dish network and this dumb commercial comes on late nite every 5 minutes. I hate it and the guy bouncing around with this pillow in his lap.

I just quit watching my favorite show "Forensic Files" because of this *** and his pillow. They just keep getting longer and longer, can anyone stop them?

Illinois, United States #1163839

There should be a law put into place for slamming this repetitive insane commercial (or any one) into our faces a million times per day. Does anybody know a way to put an end to MY PILLOW commercials?!!


I HATE my!

to Anonymous Lake City, Florida, United States #1324201

Dunno why we so abused by liars, tvs and companies, and other. Creeps cannot discern after two times, we all reject them. What as waste of money, continueing to lie!!


I hate all commercials... I don't despise one more than another because I am not a raving lunatic.


I feel the same way the product is inferior to the $29 pillow that I recently purchased elsewhere!

I feel that there amortizing campaign is a scam and people fall for that national sleep foundation award .


I actually found this site by Googling "I hate Mike Lindell" ... it's because of his disgusting commercials that make me want to literally stomp his filthy face and horrible voice box in until his brains and throat-matter are oozing out. I freaking hope Mike DIES.

to Anonymous #1142148

grow up. and act like an adult.

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