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For clarity sake; I have not bought MyPillow. I hear the ad several times an evening as they must be a sponsor of the shows I watch. The jingle is like nails on a chalk board, hideous, I'm sick of hearing "visit my pillow, DOT COM!" I have to change the station as soon as this commercial starts. The voices are shrill & the dotcom sung out is *** beyond words.

Salesperson claims "As we have many more people who like the jingle than not like it, it will stay for now. Thank you for your input!"

Who likes this shtick? Do they rock out to the jingle? Conducted a survey to determine this, or figure if anyone buys their *** pillow its due to commercial?

On an aside, the 80s pornstache on the owner is amusing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Commercial.

Reason of review: sick of hearing this jackass song.

Preferred solution: feedback on commercial. I don't believe anyone can stand it after the 50th time its been heard.

I didn't like: Hideous jingle on commercial.

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The "My Pillow" song is horrible and an affront to any form of harmonized singing. The singer (who overdubbed her voice to in an attempt to harmonize in the 40's style much like Andrew sisters) is absolutely tone deaf!

YIKES!! The "harmony" to the last "my pillow" sung is the worst.. VERY FLAT!! This can have the effect of nails on a chalkboard to anyone who has a sense of musical pitch, even pets.

I suspect that this is why dogs are annoyed by this ad ..it causes them to howl, just like any off-key singing does. This person needs "auto tune".. Conversely, there is an AD out there that uses the Fleetwood Mac tune "Go your Own Way"... it's the exact opposite of this ad..

This singer is clearly auto tuned... The notes on that are simply TOO perfect and the sound that results is mechanical..


I agree with this reviewer and I did buy the pillow but, it went into the trash


The jingle is all or mostly the same as used in a really old commercial for another product that I cannot recall. Any help out there?


I've wondered too if the company has a connection to Sweet Adelines, Inc. I enjoy the quartet singing.


As a sweet Adeline, im into it

to Anonymous #1402963

I'm a Sweet Adeline also and it doesn't bother me either. I'm just trying to figure out if it's a quartet we know.

to Anon #1458222

I’m a Barbershoper myself Are you saying barbershop for many years I too agree with you I would like to know who that quartet is and if they’re champions I was also thinking maybe the Mike guy the founder of my pillow is his wife sings barbershop

to Anon #1520504

It sounds like one woman multitracked, rather than a quartet.


I like the jingle it reminds me of the quartet singing Sandman in the early 50s problem I have is the *** owner that supports Trump


I mute it also , and it is creepy and weird the way he holds that pillow and Pat's it and bounces up and down with it


I love the jingle, especially the .Com!

Lubbock, Texas, United States #1276519

I agree,! Sick of it. Mute it when it comes on - and way too much

to Anonymous #1475514

Me too!

Holland, Michigan, United States #1262084

I love this jingle as it is obviously a women's barbershop quartet and reminds me of my mom's Sweet Adeline days. Every time.

to Anonymous #1367857

I was thinking it was a Sweet Adeline's quartet also! Love it!

Ormond Beach, Florida, United States #1205629

My Husky recognizes the commercial and comes running, sits down, a howls like nobodys business during the jingle song.X gpapi g

Lafayette, Indiana, United States #1185905

The whole commercial is hideous. Watch Lindell make love to his pillow to the worst jingle in the history of TV.

Seattle, Washington, United States #1163497

Thomas, it probably does violate terms if you want to get down to it, since I didn't buy the product. Stop busying yourself long with your MyPillow to report me if it makes you feel better.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1163151

Why would you people take the time to write a negative review about a product YOU HAVE NEVER TRIED? You are the part of the the negative impact of the internet.

( Thankfully the negatives DO NOT outweigh the positives.) You have entirely too much time on your hands. Really?

The jingle? GETALIFE.

to THOMAS #1163462

Even better; taking the time to rant on the review.

Could we all get a life?

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