Returned a standard size pillow and set of pillowcases to My Pillow. I returned them the next day after receiving them to buy king size pillow and pillow cases.

Returned them 20 days ago and still have not received a refund to my credit card. I was told by their customer service dept. that they have up to 30 days to issue refund. They are waiting up until that amount of time to issue refunds.

This is unreasonable and unacceptable. I have never seen a company operate like this. I am so happy I did not order the king size pillow and cases before my refund.

I will never order from MyPillow again. They do not care about their customers

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

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Does anyone want to share the address for returns?


besides being the worst pillow I have ever slept on; the my pillow return policy is also one of the worst. the customer service was nasty and refused to hear me.

She kept interrupting while I tried to explain that I never received an invoice. I believe that my pillow is a scam and should be looked into


I totally agree! To not offer complimentary return if the product just doesn't work for you is inexcusable by today's standards.

You are purchasing an item in good faith hoping it will work for you. Sight unseen! Then to try and SELL you a return label at twice the cost of regular shipping is "over the top".

oved the "story".. but customer service is nil!


I received my pillow cases but I ordered the wrong size. The receipt had no sticker on it for the return ( It looked like someone had removed it) there is no return address on the invoice to make a return.

When I called the number they said theyes had a an extremely long call list and to press star for a return call. I am still waiting.


I too have had nothing but an horrible experience with My Pillow and Michael Lindell. For someone who says he stands by his product or your money back guaranteed he's keeping me from getting a good nights sleep.

I've been trying to call for an exchange on the size of the pillows and all I get is a recording that you leave your info and they'll call you back within 24 hours and they don't! Same with the return website! I put the info in and it keeps telling me that it's wrong.

Mike your WORD s--ks!!!! I wound NEVER recommend this company or product either!!!!


So far I am experiencing a very difficult return policy. It is clear the information they want, but each time it is entered it is rejected.

There is only 3 items they want.

I suspect their return rate is pretty low based on this sub-standard customer service attitude. People give up, but think of all the poor bad word of mouth advertsing it produces.


My order came without any return info or return address. The website won't accept my order info.

I held on the phone for 50 minutes without success.

After 2 days, I still have no answer from customer service email address. I would NEVER recommend this product or company to anyone!


My pillow is the worst pillow ever ! My dogs wont even sleep on it ?

I cant believe the natiinal sleep foundation promotes this *** ! I wouldnt reccomend it to anyone ?SHAME ON YOU FOR RIPPING PEOPLE OFF !!!!




The same scammer/owner of the *** pillow is the creator of the national sleep infamation.

That lindelle *** should start the NATIONAL SCAM FOUNDATION because thats the best he can do to steal your money. PINCHES RATAS.


I'm sure there's no such thing as The National Sleep Foundation!


I ordered the 2 pillow deal, which neither 1 performed as said. Did everything requested to return them & as of yet have not received a credit to my visa.

They received them over 3 weeks ago. Tracking was done by USPS. I have heard & read where they have a "Horrible Return Policy".

+I Tend To Agree+. I would never purchase from them again or Reccomend them to a Friend or anyone else as far as that goes.


Amusing! Customer service told you they have up to 30 days to issue a refund so what is so unreasonable and unacceptable about it! You agreed to the terms when you purchased the pillow!




Ive learned NOT to buy items offered on TV. If there is something i like ibwait until its in a store that has a good return policy. If it never hits a store, i dont buy for all resaons stated her.


Don't waste your money people! I purchased this pillow in February 2013 and of course threw out all paperwork after a mont of use. After a few months, this is the worst pillow out there. What was I thinking believing an infomercial! Well Jennifer said she was sorry ( a customer service rep) and that she wanted to resolve the issues ASAP. Never did she mention I would not get my money back after 60 days. She said put this on the outside of the box (certain code) which I did. I emailed her to let her know I mailed the pillow the day before and she said they would send an exchange as soon as they receive that one. I told her I didn't want an exchange, that I wanted my money back, and she said they couldn't refund money after 60 days. So I spent money on shipping (non-refundable) plus $77 with tax on a pillow that not even my dog would sleep on.

Mike Lindell makes millions and the American people get screwed over for a foam pillow, a pillow that gets hot, is lumpy, and totally flat where your chin touches your chest. There should be laws out there to forbid selling such *** items!

Don't waste your money people. Spend $25 on a pillow at Walmart or Target. It's probably more comfortable.


I purchased 2 of the My Pillows, one firm and one regular fill. First I was very disappointed in the fact that this is just a cheap foam filled pillow.

They are lumpy and not cool like advertised. So I called customer service and was emailed 2 RMA numbers. I returned the pillows. I paid all the shipping charges as My Pillow will not.

It seems they do not believe very strongly in the product after all. My cost (not including my time) to try these "Satisfaction Guaranteed" pillows was over $50. The price they charge for shipping and handling must be twice as much as the cost to manufacture this cheap foam filled pillow. So even if you return the pillow My Pillow is probably still making money.

I'm a business person and I understand that. What really upset me is that if you return the My Pillow the company will not process your refund for 30 days after the time they receive the return. This is completely un acceptable!

After my first hand experience with this company I have to say that this is a scam! If you are smart you will not waste your time and money as I have.


It is purely wrong that they are holding on to people's refund monies until a 30-day time spectrum has passed and are reaping from the interest. When I asked the customer service clerk why it took that long and she said it was "an accounting arrangement".

I see exactly what they're doing and it is not very professionally ethical- in my opinion.

Poor pillow. Poor Return Policy. Poor conducting of business. After I was displeased with the pillow - foam-filled bag, I realized what everyone else was dissatisfied with.

Taught me an important lesson - to DISREGARD CRAPFOMERCIALS. There's something to be said for buying a product at a store (not having to pay their cost to ship it to you & you pay to have to ship it back when you're unhappy) If you can touch something right away and take it back right away, it is a better return arrangement.

Shame on your company. You definitely AREN'T going to be "MyPillow".

I'll find something to solve my headaches, neck-aches which is much more legitimate. "YourPillow" sucks.

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