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I just left Kohls, which in my city is a very important department store, and I have shopped there for years. I walked in with my Kohl's charge card, asked to speak to their manager, and asked her to cut my Kohl's charge card in 1/2.

I told her I would never darken their door again. For Michelle Gass to have dropped My Pillow products for political reasons is infuriating, especially for someone like Mike Lindell, who I greatly respect. I told the Kohl employees that they had better hope they are all Democrats, or they will soon be fired, and I anticipate Kohl's only hiring all Democrats in the future, and buying only from Democrat-run manufacturers. I am finished with Kohl's, Bed Bath and Beyond, and any others who are dropping My Pillow products.

I also called Kohls CEO Michelle Gass and left a long message for her - this is so wrong, and is only adding to the divisiveness of our country.

Thank you, Mike Lindell, for your staunch patriotism - keep up the good work! (PLEASE send this to Mike.) Thank you.


User's recommendation: Do not patronize any stores that have dropped My Pillow products.

MyPillow Pros: I love my pillow.

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Good for you for standing up to these companies that stopped selling an American made product. There aren’t many of them .

I have been checking to see where a product is made, some don’t even say, I’m not buying anything that is made in China . Enough is enough


Meanwhile, on the Fox News and Newsmax boards, people(old goons like the original poster) are complaining left and right about the incessant pillow ads this fool runs.


I agree! I only buy from Mike now!

I love his Roll & Go Pillows. Perfect size and very comfortable.

He's an honest good hearted patriotic soul! GO BRANDON!


You are a thousand per cent right on all you said. We had a great country that was thriving, and since Trump left the White House, we now have a country with no leader, and nothing but failure in everything.

We need to get Trump back, and clean up this horrific mess of our country that has gone to Socialism. MAGA Trump 2024




I totally agree. I may as well take my Kohls card to them now.


I just got a kohl's charge card today. I am calling and cancelling it. They don't need my business.


I don’t own the product “My Pillow.” I’ve never considered buying one before all the hype. I may make a purchase one day in the near future.

It has a 10 year warranty.

You know, there aren’t many products or companies that can back there product for ten years. I’d say that’s a pretty good value.


I find that if you inject the MyPillows with BLEACH and put them in a Tanning Bed they are both comfy and COVID-19 free! Lindell is a liar, crook and has racked up some many complaints with the BBB they have referred his scam company to the FTC for additional legal action. ( Yes- MyPillow has been sued before, lost and forced to pay out $$$$ ) Maybe there’s some type of gas leaching out of these cheap foam pillows causing users brain damage resulting in a vote for Trump.




Guess you've been breathing to much bleach while tanning!


the pillow is flat as a plywood board and gives zero support.


I guess you don’t know how to use a pillow , these are the best pillows I’ve ever bought.


She’s kind of hot if you’re into 80 year old grannies....




you are right


LIndell is an idiot and can only blame himself for the downfall of his company plus the junk he sells


Mike Lindell is better than you could ever be!




" I walked in with my Kohl's charge card, asked to speak to their manager, and asked her to cut my Kohl's charge card in 1/2" WTF? I hope the manager left it right on the counter without touching it.

Maybe somebody picked it up and is using it to purchase the Jade 10k Gold "Happiness" Chinese Symbol Pendant Necklace for $500? Maybe Karen should have cut the card up herself.

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