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I just left Kohls, which in my city is a very important department store, and I have shopped there for years. I walked in with my Kohl's charge card, asked to speak to their manager, and asked her to cut my Kohl's charge card in 1/2.

I told her I would never darken their door again. For Michelle Gass to have dropped My Pillow products for political reasons is infuriating, especially for someone like Mike Lindell, who I greatly respect. I told the Kohl employees that they had better hope they are all Democrats, or they will soon be fired, and I anticipate Kohl's only hiring all Democrats in the future, and buying only from Democrat-run manufacturers. I am finished with Kohl's, Bed Bath and Beyond, and any others who are dropping My Pillow products.

I also called Kohls CEO Michelle Gass and left a long message for her - this is so wrong, and is only adding to the divisiveness of our country.

Thank you, Mike Lindell, for your staunch patriotism - keep up the good work! (PLEASE send this to Mike.) Thank you.


User's recommendation: Do not patronize any stores that have dropped My Pillow products.

MyPillow Pros: I love my pillow.

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Mike Lindell is better than you could ever be!




" I walked in with my Kohl's charge card, asked to speak to their manager, and asked her to cut my Kohl's charge card in 1/2" WTF? I hope the manager left it right on the counter without touching it.

Maybe somebody picked it up and is using it to purchase the Jade 10k Gold "Happiness" Chinese Symbol Pendant Necklace for $500? Maybe Karen should have cut the card up herself.




Hahahahahhahahahahaha Raging white woman wuvs racist Michael Lindell. I’m sure Kohl’s is devastated at losing this loser’s business.




I think all these comments regarding political statements made by the CEO of my pillow are not relevant to whether or not I would purchase any product. I think stores that have removed the merchandise BECAUSE of comments made is absurd and that is UNAMERICAN.

What happened to FREE SPEECH? On a side note, I purchased MY PILLOW years ago and did not like it.

Had no issues with returning it and getting a full refund. So for that I would consider them a reputable company, regardless of whether I like the product or not.


Let me guess, they didn't care about you or your grandiose, lame, and pathetic display. Listen, absolutely no one cares what you do or don't do. This is why your kids don't want to talk to you.


trying to 'sleep' on this very costly and total rip off sack of lumpy stinky turds[?]. and gave me nightmares and woke me up nightly.

also not even my cat would try to sleep on it. and couldnt get no satisfaction at all from fraud company.

so finally threw it into the garbage where it always belonged. should boycott and lawsuit lyndelz and his so called 'pillows' and his scam company.


I too, have found the quality and the comfort of these pillows and most recently, the mattress cover, absolutely deplorable. Steer clear of all of these products, America!


Kudos to you brave soul! Putting action to words.

Which I'm struggling with right now about Amazon, and AT&T vote for recent actions much more serious than this issue, but a couple of companies that for many years would like to believe in and more recently have depend on considerably. But, My ethics which I take prideful satisfaction from, and are due to my morals sre in an absolute Battle Royale. Both companies have or are doing things are considered to be highly suspect of treason, at the end of the day. Just to call it like I see it.

When you do things that is your the individual freedoms of Americans or to assist our adversaries, to me that's treasonous.. the point even more important than my morals or ethics. God help me I hope I'm as strong as you.. I believe in collective bargaining.

I do not believe in labor unions. For a variety of reasons and institutionalized lack of Ethics that I have personally witnessed. But I surely wish we could get a consumer Union going, capable of multitasking issues like this. 15 years ago or so when the price of cereal went up 40% because of the price of sugar, my understanding was 5% reduction to any one of the big cereal companies in sales with work about 200 billion dollars.

I can't remember if that was per day or monthly. Point being, if a large group of people wherever they were able to bring that kind of pain, and sustain it for a. Of. Time.?

Just think how the last half a dozen years could be would be different? I guess a fellow can dream?


You're an idiot


Good for you


Pure example of having too much free time!


i no longer shop at kohls r bath beyond


Amen. Amen. Amen


It's not because he is a Republican. It's because he supports an insurrection against our government and does not believe in democracy. I say good riddance to Trump, Lindell, and My Pillow.




I agree to droop a great product due to free speech? Really. Then they need to drop a lot of left owned stores.


I 100 % agree this is crazy!

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