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i went on line to check it out. was very disappointed to see all the complaints about it and how difficult it was to return, and how costly, and get financial satisfaction. the ad made it sound too good to be true and the reviews were a real turn off.

well 2 weeks ago i went pillow shopping at bed bath and beyond and there it was, out of the box and on display. it was a standard/queen and firm. i could find no possible way the foam could shift so that my head would be in a hole, as described in most complaints. because it was at a local store i knew i would have an easy time if i had to return it.

well guess what. i still have it and just love it. so i don't see what the problem is unless they bought a soft pillow.

count me "one satisfied customer"

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The only way it works is if you don't buy the pillow. I got sucked in and I tried both firm and soft.

neither works for me! the soft pillow flattens like a piece of Matza on a good day! the firm one, it felt like I was using a big rock on a camping trip. both of the pillows I bought were very disappointing.

If I wanted to return them It would cost me another $25.00 for shipping and handling! sigh yet another false product on the TV. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

I am a disappointed ex-customer. Kind of pissed off!

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