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The ONLY thing that wakes me up from a dead sleep is Mike Lindell and his ridiculous pillow. I am a retired fighter pilot with Tinnitus that mandates I have to sleep with constant "white" noise to overcome the ringing in my ears.

THE ONLY problem is that when the stupid My Pillow commercial come on I wake up and have to dive for the switcher. Hate this product and it's commercials. 59 years old and been sleeping just fine with $7-$10 pillows my whole life. PLEASE GO AWAY!!!

Bullshit Angry

Need minimum words?

How about this...this product is a sham and a complete disgusting embarrassment. Please make this go away!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Commercial.

Reason of review: Product Sucks.

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yes the comercial is BORING ...


You probably have hearing loss if you have Tinnitus. Hearing aids eliminates ringing 80% of the time.



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