im sorry we cant use the mattress topper. it made my bed way too high for this old woman.

also sheets would not fit anymore.

thank you for being so kind &;;;;;;;;;;;;;; understanding. mLiker &;;;; Mrs e morris adams

Location: Dudley, North Carolina

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I had no idea so many people came to pissed consumers. I know there is a lot of slackers, and generally Rusty gears on the internet squeaky Wheels.

So at first I thought it was possible we have both have convert here to downvote any positive it's been given to my pillow. And then I realized that little lower Case XX XX, probably hired his trolls 2 scour the landscape and do as much damage as possible. Cuz Hey that in general how they operate + 2 and that's how that little cre8 hog would carry himself, herself? whatever.

Could you find a troll since November in places that never show up before. Looks like the polls, I think. To my friends you still believe in something good though, warning they are spreading like a grass fire in August. Just look up the Bolsheviks or Democratic Socialist activists.

You shouldn't find a page with six or seven organizations that actually the Democratic party is I never use that term. The Democrats. There it is right there to the first thing you do is abscond with the meaning of words. Anyway need a socialist, Marxist, or as I believe because of the way they operate Bolsheviks.

Little do they realize that they've left STALINIST in charge. Who will gladly eat them, at the drop of a hat. In any case they are at war with their own party. But they are everywhere and thick as thieves.

Go look at Teen Vogue. Kelly Kim and her opinions on capitalism. Courts are not sold as opinions are sold as fact in the facts are wrong. Change leadership and they just digging deeper.

I tried to remind them that they could stay in their own lane because being wrong on trending such an important thing in life, and fashion nobody dies, nobody goes hungry. And they know shiite about other vitals.. like history and relevance, and perspective.I think they have no interest in such critical thought.

Just Criticism. NOT A SUBSTITUTE


Your ability to write a coherent message is sadly lacking.

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