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3/16/ 2018

I was just watching the latest My Pillow advertising on TV and there are several variations from the others that caught my attention.

Fewer fantastic claims and at the end somebody hands the Pillow Guy Mike an envelope and he gives a bunch of pillows to homeless people. This was odd. So I did some research.

Seems My Pillow Guy got sued in 2 different lawsuits one for false claims and one for failure to pay taxes in New York.

Part of the $1.1M settlement is that they have to give pillows to homeless and women's shelters.

PRETTY BALLSY to include this in the commercial. Makes him look super altruistic unless you look up the facts.

I slept on a foam pillow until 1986 when my 3 year old daughter inhaled a piece of foam. It rotted in her sinus cavity for about 2 months before we discovered what it was. It was truely disgusting when the doctor pulled it out. No more foam pillows for me and that's about the time manyfacturers went to fiber fill.

I have spent years modifying ever pillow I've bought for the past 25 years just like Mike. His commercials are so compelling, because Man I 've been there. But alass just snake oil.

I was just on the *** of ordering. Now I just can't. I'm disappointed Mike.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Commercial.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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