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Had this pillow for six months and found it to be nothing special - should have returned it but just let it go. Well the pillow got lumpy all of a sudden so I checked the FAQ on their web site and they recommend washing and drying if it becomes lumpy.

Well I did and it is still lumpy. Their customer service is awful. I called and explained my problem and he said "what do you want me to do'? Bottom line is I have to return it at my expense - they will examine it and if it is a manufacturing defect, they will replace it.

What BS - how could it be anything other than a manufacturing defect???? The customer service guy didn't have an answer to that.

If I return it and they determine it is not a manufacturing defect, they return my lumpy pillow as is. DON'T SPEND YOUR MONEY ON THIS PIECE OF GARBAGE

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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Yep. Lumpy.

I thought it was because I washed it. Put it back in the dryer---still lumpy.

BUT MY HUSBAND'S PILLOW IS STILL FLUFFY. Can't comment on customer service, because I just now started trying to contact them.


Right...Sure...it got "lumpy all of the sudden....YOU CHOSE to keep it!

to anonymous New York, New York, United States #828344

I recommend you spend your money to buy a few of these and decide for yourself

to anonymous Tampa, Florida, United States #836784

U obviously work for my pillow u r a pole smoker

to Company *** finder Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #854247

i'm sure it is pole after pole after pole

Chicago, Illinois, United States #739180

I agree that after a little while it got lumpy. I washed it and it was worse.

I did not attempt to contact them so cannot comment on their customer service. However, they recently contacted me and are going to charge my credit card for the tax on the purchase several months ago. They did not process the order correctly and now they want me to pay.

Avaoid this company and this pillow. :sigh

to vx1100 #828335

vx1100,Everyone pays sales tax! You purchased it,You pay the tax on the purchase...Period

to anonymous Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #854246

adding charges months after the purchase? contact the atty general...Period

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