My mother bought My Pillow for me as a gift. When I opened and unrolled My Pillow, I shook the pillow and prayed the pillow would get bigger and the lumps would go away.

To my dismay, the lumps stayed and the S/Q size pillow was 3/4 filled. I shook the pillow more thinking I the pillow may need time to air out. Nothing worked to get rid of the lumps in the inside or get the pillow to fill up or get it to be like a memory pillow. This pillow reminds me of a cheap comforter that went through the washing machine then the dryer and came out with the fiber fill in lumps.

I can't believe my mother paid $99 for 2 pillows. I'm disappointed in this pillow to say the least!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

MyPillow Cons: Terrible pillow.

Location: Huntley, Illinois

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You have to put it in the dryer to get it to fill out. The instructions to do this are right in the box.


The MY PILLOW is the biggest scam on the consumer that I have seen in a long time. I ordered two pillows and explicitly followed the directions included to FLUFF them up.

These pillows remind me of a pillowcase full of styrofoam 'peanuts'! They are the most uncomfortable thing I have ever tried to lay my head on.

The lumpy pillows were no good as dog beds either because even the dogs would have no part of them! Total waste of money!!!


I’ve had my pillow for over a month and the lumps are still there. I have to maneuver my pillow several times during the night.

I paid $50 for my pillow; very disappointed in how this pillow feels and makes me frustrated during my sleep. I’ve paid $10 for a more comfortable sleep but don’t last long.


I completely agree with this assessment. I felt the My Pillow at Costco and couldn't imagine putting my head on that lumpy thing.

Those satisfied with My Pillow looks like a case of the emperor's new clothes. I have down pillows and Charisma down alternative pillows that are way more comfortable feeling than that lumpy bumpy My Pillow could ever be. If that pillow is an improvement over your current pillow, you must have the cheapest lousy pillow indeed.

Sorry, not buying into this hype. Plus the continual annoying commercials alone are enough to put me off it.


I saw several boxes of MyPillow at Marc's discount store. One of the boxes was opened, so I couldn't resist checking it out and it was lumpy and floppy.

Maybe it was damaged?

They were inexpensive. Lol


I just got two my pillows and my pillows were also lumpy- I am going to return them. not a good pillow at all. very disappointed


That's exactly what I'm saying today. I just received My package as a Mother's Day gift and I'm so disappointed.

when I opened it and it's Lumpy.

I don't even like that texture I'm really disappointed. If they would have said the pillow was lumpy we would not have purchased them.


I have the same problem and I read the directions and put in the dryer, the pillow is still lumpy I don’t like it at all


The pillow needs to be fluffed up in the dryer. Those instructions might not have been made clear.

They also recommend washing and drying every four months. That might improve your experience.


Hey Dummy you are supposed to put it in the drier for 15 minutes- if all else fails, read the directions!!!


The instructions just say to put it in the dryer for 15 minutes. Nothing about low heat, medium heat, or high heat. I'd be a little more careful before calling someone a dummy.


Dummy :P


I put the pillow in the dryer with a damp washcloth and it fluffed up nicely. I like the pillow, it’s comfortable.


throw it in the dryer for 15 min before your first use it should work great then!


so much for public education. Can't read directions yet?

get your momma to read them for you. Like my pillow so far!


You have to stick it in the dryer with heat for 15minutes


you are supposed to put it in the dryer for 15 minutes before first use... that makes a huge difference! try it!

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