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The "10 year warranty" is a load of BS. After a month, the seam in my pillow opened up and the fill started to spill out. I called the company and told them about it. They told me to pack the pillow up, take it to the post office and mail it back to them.

I said, "So you guys sold me a defective product and now to rectify your faulty workmanship, I have to spend time packing it up, wait in line at the P.O. and then incur further expense of my own in shipping it back to you? How about if I take a picture of it and e-mail you the picture?" Guy said nope, I'd have to ship it back at my own expense. I told him I could sew it up myself in the time it would take to pack it and stand in line and it wouldn't cost me the money to ship it, either. He said you'll void your warranty if you do that. I said, well what good is the warranty when it will cost me extra money whenever your product that is supposed to be of quality fails? He basically said well, that's our policy, take it or leave it. His whole demeanor was that of not really giving a fig.

This company represents itself as one that takes pride in its work and cares about its customers. Once they get your money, you're pretty much on your own and SOL though. Do not do business with these people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: Warranty shipping policy.

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No fan of this company here but you sound like a hopeless fool. How long will a company stay in business if it accepts “photos” of damaged products as claim against their warranty?

Like there aren’t thousands of photos around online you could send in and claim is your pillow. Also get off your lazy {{Redacted}} and go to the post office.

You want them to believe your photo evidence without returning defective product and send you another pillow while you sit on your rear end. I’d say the only one trying to scam anyone is you.

to Clearbluesky #1440824

Rude as ***


See it up and forget about warranty.

Stop your wining !!


Just go to a box store and buy a couple of regular pillows you can thank me later after you wear them out in a couple of years and dont have to deal with the *** in a warranty dept.


Cmon do you really expect to be any kind of warraty. On a pillow? Even if advertized you should hve taken it with a grain of salt


Enough about Amazon..talk about thieves. 99$ a year for prime and still want to charge you for 73% or the videos they list..free shipping, not so.

Prices are different for prime users and smaller items are listed as add on items so you don't /get free shipping at all...smart enough here to dump that scam.... By the way, my pillow is an awesome product.

West Covina, California, United States #1348902

Wow same Bravo near my pillow is also coming apart at the seams. But I have have my throat for at least 8 years and it was a great pillow great night's rest.

Sacramento, California, United States #1243961

I have exactly the same issue. Their PR dept is genius making the public buy all the hype about how great their products is.

Not only did my pillow come apart at the seam after a few months of use, but it went flat after a few months. Waste of money. Thanks for your comment about the return policy.

I'll take the advice of another anonymous and buy a new pillow elsewhere.

Birdsboro, Pennsylvania, United States #1243844

Wondering how many of his employees are E-verified.


save yourself the 50 or 100 dollars or whatever and just go to wal-mart and buy a nice sleep serenity pillow for 25-30 dollars and thank me later.


Thanks for the reviews!!! You just changed my mine on purchasing a pair of them also. Sounds like just another rip-off.


After reading all these negative reviews about the company "MY PILLOW" . I would like to thank you all for helping me make my hands down decision.

So I'm ordering 4 tonight...

JUST KIDDING.... But I was ready to order 2 with the promo code (my97) to bring the price down to 100 thanks again

to Anonymous #1083341

It's a great pillow. A lil expensive but I sleep great. No neck pain that I used to have a def wake up less

to Anonymous Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1087199

I looked at my pillow website and found something odd. They offered to let you buy one pillow and get one free for only $99.97.

Then they say, if you want one pillow, it is only $49.99.

If that is the case, where is the so-called free pillow?

If it was truly 2 for 1, then the price should have been $49.99 for two pillows.

Stay away from this company. It doesn't pass the smell test.

to whooosh #1268953

Man you got them... except that they are different pillows.

Really, to come in and try to libel someone in a feeding frenzy here when the comfort of a pillow is a very subjective thing. Many seem to like them; others, not so much.

to whooosh #1475519

I agree.


Thank you for the picture it is a perfect visual that the pillow is not made well. The stuffing along says alot.

Also to read the complains of return is a nightmare and a road I do not wish to travel. Thank you and all who have taken the time to provide personal review of my pillow.

Same me from stress anxiety and frustration - who needs that and shame on the company for bad behavior. Good faith business always wins when manufacture steps up to plate in doing the right thing in customer safaction.


THIS example goes to show that you can NEVER trust any fancy TV commercial ad.........reviews are the way to go. Research any info-mercial type goods BEFORE you part with your money!

OP: if it helps, get the attention of your local TV media OR file a complain with the AG where Mypillow is.

Hate it when companies do not honor their word and sell you crappy stuff without recourse. Not the right way to do business!


Last time I checked, even Wal-Mart doesnt give me gas money to return a product to them!

to Anonymous #986381

But this ain't Walmart, where you go all the time; This is a company from where you order one-time and where shipping costs time and money. Read the OP's post.

Just because their product was defective should he/she have to waste time and a $25 shipping bill (My Pillow only takes UPS or FedEx, not USPS) to get satisfaction on a defective product?

From the photo, it is obvious the pillow was defective. From reading other reviews, the seam issue is a common one and even when the pillows have been returned for replacement, little satisfaction has been granted to customers by this scam of an outfit.

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