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After seeing my pillow advertised half a dozen times while watching the news and enjoying my morning coffee before getting ready for work every single day.. out of curiosity I had to open the box and look at this highly advertised pillow at the "Marshall's " store in my area when I came across it ..

all I can say is "***" this pillow is *** !! it is cut up foam rubber I was not impressed it was being sold for $39.99, I wouldn't pay more than five bucks for it!! I feel bad for everybody that has wrote a bad review as I believe everyone of those people, because the quality I saw I was not impressed with at all! I am sticking with my 10-year-old pillow that cost $80 on sale from the sleep number bed company I purchased my bed from.

it's still firm and supports my neck and I have no problems with it. I will not be switching over to this terrible quality made pillow I think the company is a rip off and A SHAM! It always helps to google a review on any advertised new product you are interested in getting before purchasing !!! I have learned through experience most times these companies that have the websites you go to order from, once they have your credit card information they continue to bill it and it's in the FinePrint that most of us do not read you'll find out when you suddenly get a bill and can't understand why you were being charged for something you never ordered!!

so be careful and do your homework , BEFORE dealing with these sharks .. my pillow sucks terrible quality think twice before spending your hard-earned money on this garbage ..yes I have read that the "MY PILLOW" pillows you buy in the stores and The ones sold from the website or me different but after reading these reviews I wouldn't give them one dime of my money I never believed that commercial when I see it ..

$100 for 2 poorly crummy made pillows is a total rip off everybody's paying for! that expensive commercial you see every morning and making this man rich, shame on my pillow!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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are they $39.99 or $100??

i question whether someone who didnt actually buy one should be posting a review at all

accusing them of credit card fraud is w/out actual case is inappropriate