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I loved MyPillow when I "first" received it. It was great and my neck and shoulder pain immediately disappeared. Yay me. I finally found an honest product. But now it was getting kind of flat so I decided to wash it as per their instructions. I've never washed a pillow of any kind. I usually just throw them out and buy new but this is a pricey pillow so I decided to wash it following their instructions not realizing this is a "foam" pillow and just like a dishwashing sponge it absorbs all the soapy water that's in the washing machine. Not knowing that it would absorb all this soapy water like it did I put it through the dryer when it was done washing and it took close to 2 hours to dry on high heat in the washer...BUT when I laid my head on it that night, it smelled like soap...a lot of soap... specifically Tide soap and I did not put more than 1/8th cup of soap in the front load washing machine WITH a full load of clothes as directed per their website instructions. So now a week later and I can't take the Tide smell any longer so I just put it through a front load washer again with NO SOAP at all FOUR more times costing me $12 and it still has some soap smell but very little and I think I can live with this and I don't have the patience to go a 5th time so I put it in the dryer, on high heat as directed, and an hour later it's still damp like a dish washing sponge would be. Now it's back in the dryer at an additional $3.50 more for an additional 2 1/2 hours on high heat and I'm hoping it will be dry. These are commercial washers and dryers so the dryers reach higher temperatures than home dryers do so I'll see what happens now. The worker in the laundromat suggested I just throw it out and buy a new pillow since it's costing me so much. Maybe he's right. So if you want to keep this pillow the learning lesson here is:

If you are using a commercial tumble washer, wash the pillow by "itself" with nothing else in the washing machine and do "NOT" put the liquid soap in until the "ADD Bleach" light comes on and then ONLY put a "DROP" or 2 of soap....any more, especially if concentrated soap like Tide, and you will "Never" get all the soap out and it will not properly dry as I am, after close to 3 hours of drying, still drying this pillow as I type this review.

Cue to the the MyPillow company....Don't cut corners. Let people know exactly what to "expect" when they wash this pillow...i.e. how much soap to use and the expected drying time on "high heat" as per your instructions because when all is said and done it is still a sponge filling similar to your dishwashing sponge and like that dishwashing sponge it holds the soap and will dry up and get "hard" over time and is probably the reason this pillow goes flat and probably doesn't need "washing" at all but just needs water to pump it up again...So just a heads up people....

I still do recommend this pillow because when it does work to alleviate neck and shoulder discomfort so "it actually does do what it promises to do" but know that there is a lot of work and much cost involved with washing this pillow that the MyPillow company is "not" telling you about and I find that offensive. Just put all about this pillow out there. People will find out anyway so why hide it? This pillow just needs water rehydration and that's all it really needs. If you want to add "ONE" drop of soap so be it but in my opinion it is not necessary. Just water is all that's needed. It will rehydrate and fluff up enormously in the dryer but it may be cheaper in the long run to just throw it out and buy new because it seems to act as a polymer which in the end is just a very large sponge capable of absorbing very large quantities of fluid so drying time will be very extensive and costly.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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What a scam! This pillow is a big scam.

The thing that got my attention was the cable TV commercials that I see about a hundred times a day and the statement that Mike makes about the pillow being made in he USA.

Back to the pillow... save your money and buy a decent pillow at Walmart or Target

to Bobby M. SW Florida #1477778

I must have deleted a few sentences above... lol! Pillow has no magical support that you can’t find in a $15.00-$20.00 pillow

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