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Mike Lindell's My Pillow claims are ridiculously sweeping, irresponsible and utterly indefensible, phrased in the superlative. Among them: 1.

"Just like you, I've had ALL those problems." 2. "I tried EVERY pillow out there." 3. "NONE of them worked." 4. "You'll get the BEST sleep of your life." 5.

"You'll get the BEST night's sleep in the whole wide world. I guarantee it!" 6. You'll get ... "EXACT custom fit" 7.

You'll get ... "DEEPER, LONGER REM sleep" If his pillow is so great, how come it is not mentioned in the lists of "BEST PILLOWS" out there?

It's not among the best 5. And not even among the best 10.

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