I first read the Terms & Conditions specifically about the 60-day money back guarantee (see attached photo) before deciding to buy a mattress topper. I believed that I could RETURN the topper but that is NOT true.

Customer Service said I had to donate the topper, get a donation receipt, and send the receipt plus the packing slip to My Pillow to get a refund. Two local donation centers did not accept bedding. The third also did not, but they pitied the situation, took the topper to be recycled, and gave me a donation receipt. A HUGE waste of an expensive purchase.

I NEVER would have bought this item knowing this return policy. Completely misleading.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Mattress Topper.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

MyPillow Pros: Customer service rep.

MyPillow Cons: Misleading return policy.

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I just contacted customer service to return the queen size 3" topper. First let me say this is a well made product and it was really comfortable.

I also have 6 of their pillows and am really pleased with them as well. The only reason I am returning the topper is that in the end I bought a new bed. I had a sleep number bed and it was losing air.

The person I spoke with gave me two options - one to return the topper to them or to donate it. She in no way forced me to donate.


I was told the same thing and was warned that some donation centers would not accept the mattress topper due to the COVID-19 which I certainly understand! Fortunately for me, I was able to donate it.


I agree with this. I am going through this with the mattress topper I bought too.

It is awful, so uncomfortable.

I have another call into a church mission group to see if they want it- but I the no bedding thing is a big deal for these charities, and I get it....they worry about bed bugs etc. If this one group doesnt take it I'm going to just suck it up and send it back the cheapest way possible and get any kind of refund I can get.


Most things now say made in USA but in fine print it says made in ...foreign county then put together in...USA nothing is actually MADE in THE ONCE GREAT USA it is sad but true


Thank you i watched the infomercial and when they laid down it buckled up and i could see it was thin and junk


I received pillows instead of sheets and I have tried to get through to customer service multiple times. They ask you to leave your number for a call back if you don't want to wait as no one every answers the phone. I am stuck with the pillows and I will never order anything form this company.


I didn't see many happy customer reviews. Gave me good reason not to buy.

My experience with American made means poor quality.

Look at the car industry why we buy foreign cars. Too bad it's this way.


Shame on you!! I think you need to live in another country.


You're a *** idiot. American made cars are as good or better than foreign build.

You're still living in the 70s and 80s. LMAO


You never mentioned why you returned it. Just want to use it for free?


you cannot find a place that would accept it?with all the homeless it would seem to be easy.


Trying to understand here....you're MAD that this company wants items donated so asks that you do that before getting a refund? Instead of getting their pillow back, they give you a refund AND have you donate the pillow. Sounds pretty great to me.


I see nothing in the return policy that would prevent you from getting your money back minus return shipping costs in the first 60 days ??


Neither did anyone else but apon trying to return peeps get the run around! Have you been reading the same complaints that i have ??


Only no one will accept bedding so where do you donate it in order to get a refund??!!

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