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This has to be the most annoying TV commercial ever. Every commercial break is this Mr Pillow.

The commercial is so fake. Everyone in the factory is smiling. Who does that while working on a production line? Notice how he has his cross necklace prominently hanging outside of his shirt.

Tuck it in. He’s overdoing the role a bit too much. The company has already been fined for its false advertising. It’s a simple pillow.

Do we need commercials on it at every commercial break. I need to make a fly swatter and run a commercial on it every 10 minutes and get rich while annoying every American in the process.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Commercial.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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How do we get rid of this horrible commercial?


awful commercial runs 24/7


Why does this commercial have to run so many times a night? I cringe, when I hear the guitar strumming those ripped off strums from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and I mute the rest!

This has to be one of THE most annoying commercials EVER made!

And this Megan, who the *** is she? Never mind, I don't wanna know!!




Take those stupid annoying my pillow commercials off tv. I have already posted my complaint once before!

I'll leave another room just to mute or change the channel whenever I hear it come on. If anything, it is so stupid, it probably makes people NOT want one of those pillows, which, probably, aren't any different from all of the other ones being sold.

My sister bought one for herself and one for her husband, and she told me they can't sleep on them!!!PLEASE TAKE THESE COMMERCIALS OFF TV, PLEASE!!! They are so annoying


I change channel. Hate it

So annoying. Aired way too much.


Who are you to judge why someone else is wearing any religious symbol...?

to Biff #1427866

the owner is a SCAMMER,,,,,,,,,,,,GOT IT


I change the channel. That's the only way to get your voice heard. Change the channel.

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