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My name is Yvette. I have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea.

Since my recent diagnose I have been feeling very uncomfortable sleeping every single night. I bought so many pillows expensive on sale with foam with feathers medium soft you name it. None of this pillows gave me a proper neck support and my head did not feel full in it with the support I wanted to feel. One day I was searching reviews to see if there was a pillow out there that will make me more comfortable.

I read some of many of the reviews of "My pillow" and I still went ahead and I order it. I am a side sleeper so I received my pillow follow the instruction to put it in the dryer for a few minutes. The first time I slept on it my husband said to me "wow" I can't believe you did not snore the whole night. This was the Best day that I ever slept in years.

This pillow is soft it supports my 12 pound head its fluffy and the best of all it dosen't flatten. I travel with it and I don't leave it any where. Sometimes we take things for granted. Nothing is a guarantee just like your Doctor he can't guarantee anything to you but I can tell you that If you buy one pillow you will always sleep with that pillow.

I am buying many more & I will buy more to give my children as they come tired from work and want to have a good night sleep. Thank You Mr. Pillow for the wonderful making of this pillow, I thru so much money on brand names pillows and all source of pillows.

Finally I have my pillow and I will recommended to everyone and to my friends. Thank You for making such great pillow :)

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Standard Queen Premium Pillow.

Reason of review: Good quality.

I liked: I will never ever sleep again with any other pillow, That i slept comfortably.

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I was given a my pillow as a gift, the pillow had a strong chemical smell for atleast the better part of two weeks. Leading to bad headaches, I really wanted this pillow to work giving it ample opportunity.

It’s lumpy and the pillow left me with a sore neck every night.

However my dog is now sleeping on it, so it does make a good doggy bed not a complete loss. As for me I purchased a new pillow I won’t mention a brand or type, they sell them at most stores and it’s great.


I find the mypillow to be overstuffed and not very pliable. A good down pillow is much nicer.

Houston, Texas, United States #1318180

I've had mine at least 7 years and wash it monthly and looks as good as when I first purchased!! I won't/can't sleep on any other pillow and travel with mine as well! My headaches are few now too!

Dallas, Texas, United States #1271241

Almost reads as though it is a script from a commercial.

to Anonymous Pittsfield, Massachusetts, United States #1274108

Me to its a repost...most likely the company....

to Anonymous Ocala, Florida, United States #1274113

Repost from where? I happen to like MyPillow and agree with this review.

Sanford, Maine, United States #1270098

my pillow paid you for this review and they paid this website to feture you on facebook

to Anonymous West Perrine, Florida, United States #1271246

Sorry everyone, but I'm the PC Troll and can't help it. and I really do LOVE MyPillow!

to Anonymous #1421561

And you are a paranoid mindless moron. You must be one of our pathetic "Millenials" who know nothing, have absolutely NO common sense, and think only your opinion is correct, when in fact NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. What a dismal pack of unknowledgeable, unskilled simpletons.

Mobile, Alabama, United States #1266321

I love My Pillow and the person or people that keep posting negative reviews are probably working for competitors of My Pillow. I do not work for My Pillow.

For years I woke up with a stiff neck. Then I tried My Pillow. It took a few nites to get use to the pillow because yes it is what some may call lumpy.

But that is because of what it is made of. After just 2 nites I starting finally getting the best sleep I have had in years and no more morning stiff neck

to Anonymous #1421567

I totally agree. I think some of these people are just pampered people who are totally incapable of being satisfied with ANYTHING EVER.

My wife and I have tried EVERY kind of pillow out there over the decades, memory foam, expensive down pillows( which are nice) plus the Chinese Sobikawa pillows, my previous favorite for more than 15 years(!) and then we tried the my pillow, and BOTH love them. This is with a whole lot of other pillows tried and compared, and we live in WASHINGTON STATE, not Minnesota, and my reviews carry a lot of knowledge of mechanical engineering learned over nearly 50 years, as well as the kind of common sense that seems to be so sadly LACKING in society today. We love them after more than two years of use, so to the detractors ( including the silly woman who thought the pillow would eliminate HER MIGRAINE HEADACHES!! JEEZ.) I say nothing works for everyone, and to think so is lacking in smarts.

Don't work for you? GET ANOTHER TYPE OF PILLOW!!


Is this person an employee of this company?

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1265713

Let me guess, you posted this for the sake of the company being badly looked at on the news.

to Anonymous West Perrine, Florida, United States #1271250

i'm Jeepsux and i'm a troll.........

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