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Thanks for the review on My Pillow 2 for 19.99! My mom called and asked me for help ordering them for her.

I saw them at full price! She insisted she saw a commercial at nite for 2 for 19.99.

Then I found all your comments!! So glad I did!

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I cannot stand the cheesy ever repeating commercials on TV and the radio .. I cringe at the sight of Mike and the sound of his voice to the point I will change the channel immediately ......

He has the cross dangling out over his shirt .. Knowbody where's there cross like that!


The $19.95 price is for 2 pillows, I mean really 19.99 for 2 mattress toppers..hahaha


I saw the same as your mother saw, but on their site they go for about 50 to 80 bucks each.

Wrote the company never got a response.

That should be illegal! Actually it is, deceptive trade practices, bait & switch. So I do not understand why it's still on the market.

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