My wife purchased two My Pillow brand foam pillows. Not only are they uncomfortable, causing stiff necks but we both started getting headaches in the night.

We didn't put two and two together. I started getting a tightness in my chest and shortness of breath again not thinking about our new wunder pillows. Finally went to the Dr. Well after an EKG, lab work, echo cardiogram, chest xrays, nuclear med test, endoscopy and a few other tests everything came back negative.

We finally put the symptoms in the time line of the new pillows. We took them off the bed and within four days the symptoms started to subside. Still have a little burning in the chest when taking a deep breath but no more headaches and getting better by the minute. The foam is out gassing and the odor is so strong that in 4 weeks it did not dissipate.

I'm not sure what I can do, if anything at this point, but buyer be ware. I am not sensitive to these things and have no allergies or anything medically wrong with me. I am a very healthy 60 year old gym rat in fine health.This was a direct result of the contents of these pillows. My wife is so relieved as am I.

We really thought that I had something very seriously wrong and had many a sleepless night while waiting for test results. This has been a terrible experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Location: Longmont, Colorado

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I am 57 and never been this sick with what reminded of back in the day... deep bronchitis, on and off fever, very weak, headaches but mostly lung issues since I was a kid around 6 to10 with being hospitalized for "lung issues" then it just got better by Jr.

High school. Starting 3 weeks ago I started having all the symptoms of covid19 in which I am not entirely convinced its 100% true I thought dear God I think its true and "it beat me" making me wrong and my satanic government right. Like a baby I started crying to Jeff thinking I will die at home that's our agreement... I can not get on top of my lung problem in the mean time please pick up a nebulizer machine I always keep H2o2 35% food grade and Nano silver sol ASAP 30 and it has always worked very fast when ever I feel like I am coming down with ANYTHING but this time it barley worked.

Jeff thought I was hit with covid and he with tears welling up thought I was on my way out. Think about that, 27 years together and he thinks I'm dying at home puffing on a machine so weak I could not bathe. I put a time line and incubation time line together and nothing really stood out. Ahh ha, 3 days max after buying the My Pillow is when I get sick.

I called the company she said look on line at the reviews. I could not take the pillow back, tags ripped off, no box or receipt and cant say for certain its the pillows fault plus Jeff got that same pillow 2 weeks before me he had no problems so I got one. We admit by the time we got new pillows many years old and a bit gross we thought if were going to get new pillows lets get the best... I thought the pillow???

not possible because my old pillow was nasty old and flat. I did what the lady at the company suggested which was get it out of the their see what happens. Today I wake up 80% clear breathing and no sizzling headache or weakness. It has to be the pillow.

Last night we went to target before picking up the other car outside the mechanic shop making me leave the house and I said lets get another pillow on the way... of all things I got a down fill and cotton pillow. I walked the parking lot and back home. Mind you walking the parking lot taking a bath or making him dinner has been all I can do for 3 weeks.

Today I'm up and peppy. Not all their yet but day and night for sure. The feeling of drowning without being in water is terrifying. My pillows have always been cheep hypo allergenic Walmart 5 dollar cheep O's but this pillow tried to kill me.

Jeff's still OK with his but this was $110 dollar, including the nebulizer, 3 weeks ,stuck in my apartment , sunny November , lost work, scared Jeff to bits OVER A PILLOW? Melissa Hesse Littleton Colorado.

PS. It is not the company's fault I suffered this reaction but I am in utter disbelief this happened to me.




I agree these pillows fail to perform. They are great, until you wash them, then they are crap and their customer service is even worse than their pillows! However, what does the political leaning of the owner have to do with any of this?


Awful pillows...cause back aches and pain.


The worst affect is irregular heart beats Although I've had these on and off for years, I never connected it to foam out gassing. Every darn chair in the house has foam in it, we have a very comfortable queen size memory foam mattress, and I've used a MY PILLOW pillow for the last year, during which time heart abnormalities prevailed Medical tests proved benign for ANY typical, treatable problems This morning, I woke up with the palps, and a light bulb went off.

I switched to my old feather pillow and within three minutes the palps reduced to barely noticeable. My Pillow is now residing in the trash can.


I agree with Pissed customer


Add me to the list of folks that have had reactions to My Pillow. The pillow was given to me as a gift and comfort-wise I have no complaints, I liked sleeping on it.

Around the same time, and also not putting 2 & 2 together, I started having problems with tearing as well as swollen, dry skin around my eyes. Light sensitivity became a real big issue with me. After multiple trips to a couple ophthalmologists (with various corrective measures) my family doctor recommended a third who diagnosed the problem as contact dermatitis. He asked if anything had changed that directly contacted my eyes.

Detergent? Clothing? Even possibly a nickel allergy from the metal in my glasses? Although I couldn’t come up with anything, shortly after leaving his office I realized I had switched to My Pillow around the time I began having problems.

So, like most, I did an internet search and found others having similar concerns. To my surprise, someone even mentioned having an EKG and Electrocardiogram. Since I had just gone through those procedures, I wondered if these issues seemingly unrelated to my eyes might somehow be related? That day My Pillow came off the bed and problems have since subsided.....greatly.

The doctor is still having me apply eye drops and a steroid cream to my eyelids for the next couple weeks to continue the healing of the skin around my eyes. I am hopeful this is behind me….what a relief it is.


My S.I.L.'s hair started falling out in gobs! She has finally figured it out and is almost 100% sure it's from her My Pillow. :(


Purchased My pillow from Kolhs. After a few daysI developed itchy, watery , swollen, and crusty eyes.

Had to go to Dr.and get antibiotic eye drops. I traveled and did not use the pillow for 6 weeks. When I returned to My pillow the symptoms came back.

After a week I decided it was the pillow. I took out my old pillow and have been fine ever since.


So I have given this a fair shot. I quit using “my pillow” and within a 3-4 days all the symptoms I had been suffering with were pretty much gone.

Just to verify that it was the pillow I used it for 3 days woke up today on day 3 miserable. All symptoms back!! I am convinced this pillow is a serious health hazard!! Burning red weeping eyes, shortness of breath, and a sore throat.

I last used “my pillow” November 7 and reintroduced it December 29.

I felt great during that time. DO NOT USE THIS PILLOW IT IS TOXIC...


I am so glad I came across these posts! I have been suffering with upper respiratory and lots of eye problems.

Been to the Dr for my eyes many times. Have wrapped every part of my bed with allergy covers no help. I am going to stop using “my pillow “ today.

Will let you all know how it goes. Thanks for sharing.


Same here respiratory problems I thought it had to do with a cold went to the doctor x-rays came back no congestion doc says it's allergic reaction. Changed and cleaned everyrhing bought plants and an air purifier. For some reason Mypillow smell gave me the impression my problem was these pillows just got rid of mine & so far I m better hopefully the symptoms go away soon


I have always pulled back from purchasing these at Costco for the same reason. They say "made in America", but it does not specify WHERE the materials are sourced.

For a pillow's contents, this seems very important.

Have heard from many people that they bought various well known brands of mattress "gel" pads and developed health issues and allergies they had never had. Turns out the "gel" is a chemical compound the famous American company (*NOT My Pillow Company though the do make a pad) obtains this "gel" fill from China and the exact chemical ingredients are not known or listed, seems they can "vary", which seems strange ?


Crazy I started having similar symptoms Finall realized that it was the pillows!


I bought two king size My Pillows from Costco. I was excited having read all the reviews.

I put them in the dryer, put on 2 new pillow cases, and within 5 minutes, I felt my body having a reaction. I thought it might be something else. I slept with my old pillows and no reaction. The next night, I tried the MyPillows again.

Same reaction. I have been through a anaphylactic shock 10 years ago and this scared me. Something in those pillows is not right.

Tomorrow they go back to Costco. Please be careful!


I was about to buy1


Same thing happened to me - after 2 steroid dose packs for severe allergic reaction - we thought hand soap or detergent, after reading this - got rid of the pillows - symptoms went away. there is a gas or dust emitting from these and putting them in the dryer activates it and makes it worse


We want to burn our my pillows, or should we just take to the dump ? Worst pillows we have ever owned. We were scammed and screwed


I’ve been waking up with headaches and a stiff neck every day for over a month and realized it might be my pillow. My mother as well and we both have these pillows.I’m going to discontinue using this and see if my symptoms clear up. I was beginning to think it was from the flu.


The #1 cause of occupational asthma is from exposure to diisocyanates. There are many uses of diisocyanates but especially in the fabrication of rigid and semi-rigid polyurethane foams (bed mattresses, furniture cushions and pillows, auto seats and headrests).

It is also used in paints, spray bed truck liners, and all types of adhesives. Developing an allergy is not uncommon, esp after repeated exposures, and it’s a big deal to protect workers in industries that use it. Asthma type reactions, skin reactions like rashes, hives, and eye irritation can all be induced from diisocyanates (it’s a sensitizer). Guess what?...

your MyPillow is made polyurethane foam which can only be made with diisocyanates. I am also allergic to my MyPillow (which has been washed many times) which was given to me as a gift. It’s super uncomfortable because it’s just chunks of foam so I would use it on my couch when I would doze off watching tv rather than in my bed.

I could never figure out why just the left side of my face kept breaking out in a rash but it’s that stupid pillow. I hope this helps.

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