My wife purchased two My Pillow brand foam pillows. Not only are they uncomfortable, causing stiff necks but we both started getting headaches in the night.

We didn't put two and two together. I started getting a tightness in my chest and shortness of breath again not thinking about our new wunder pillows. Finally went to the Dr. Well after an EKG, lab work, echo cardiogram, chest xrays, nuclear med test, endoscopy and a few other tests everything came back negative.

We finally put the symptoms in the time line of the new pillows. We took them off the bed and within four days the symptoms started to subside. Still have a little burning in the chest when taking a deep breath but no more headaches and getting better by the minute. The foam is out gassing and the odor is so strong that in 4 weeks it did not dissipate.

I'm not sure what I can do, if anything at this point, but buyer be ware. I am not sensitive to these things and have no allergies or anything medically wrong with me. I am a very healthy 60 year old gym rat in fine health.This was a direct result of the contents of these pillows. My wife is so relieved as am I.

We really thought that I had something very seriously wrong and had many a sleepless night while waiting for test results. This has been a terrible experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Location: Longmont, Colorado

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Omgosh! I just googled this out of boredom bc ive been dealing with horrible itchy scalp.

No rash showing tho.

And my 4 yr old has mentioned that also.. i think i may take off the bed for awhile to see if symptoms go away.


I bought the my pillow three weeks ago and after a week developed a rash all around my eyes, went to doctor and was told it was allergies and was told to purchase eye drops with antihistamine. Tried this for a week with no improvement so went back to the doctor and this time was prescribed eye drops with antibiotics.

Prior to starting the new eye drops I realized that the only two things new were the my pillow and a new car so I switched back to my old pillow and the next morning the rash was more or less gone. its been three days now not using the my pillow and the rash is gone but skin continues to peel around my eyes similar to a bad sunburn.

So glad it was not my new car causing this. Anyway I will try to get my money back but from what I have read about the customer service I am not hopeful.


Me too! Received the pillow for Christmas and I finally used it and I have itchy blotches all over my face this morning.


We just got ours a couple months ago. I’ve recently started complaining my neck and head itch and seem to always have a headache in the morning...

one of those lingering kinds that annoy more than they hurt.

Thinking I may have found a reason. Time to test the theory and remove the pillow from the equation.


I developed an itchy very large red patch.on my back as well as rash under and over my breast within a week of using the pillow. I also got a lighter rash on my face.

I now realize that the rashes are contact dermatitis from the pillow.

I have discontinued use of the pillow and thoroughly washed all bed linens. The rash is slowly disappearing, but continues to itch and is red after a week of treatment with various remedies to clear these skin problems.


Same problem. Sleet on them 1 night and face broke out in hives and dry patches.

Purchased on QVC and have a call into their customer service department. Someone is suppose to get back to me.


I go to sleep quickly and deeply but I have major headaches when I wake up. I thought I was the only one!


I have purchased one and now I have breathing get problems bad...I wonder if it's the pillow? It's the only new things going that I have changed.


Wow, I am now wondering about my My Pillow also. I have had some sinus issues, mucous and I took the pillow away last night and will see over the next few days how I feel.

I had allergies many years ago to feathers but never knew it till I was tested. I would wake up with nasty headaches. Once I took them away I was better.

I like the owner of the company Mike but wow maybe it is not for everyone. Maybe I will call company.


What I meant was I stopped sleeping on the pillow that had the downe or feathers in it. I need to find a hypoallergenic, dust mite, etc free pillow.


I’ve had the same issues!! Sinus/throat issues, mucus down my throat.

It’s very even going on for over a year and last night I slept without “my pillow” and I felt better. It dawned on me that it might be the “my pillow” so I’m going to sleep without it and see.


I have had the exact same reaction as this woman. For months now the mucus in my throat got so bad at times I thought I was choking.

Constant runny nose coughing wheezing. I just realized tonight it started when I got the my pillow. I just put it in my closet about an hour ago and I feel better than I have in months. No more mucus going down my throat everything has cleared up in that short of time.

Several visits to the doctor tons of allergy medication nothing worked!

The my pillow needs to come with a warning! I thought I would Google my pillow to see if anyone else had these problems and sure enough here they are.


Took me two Dr. visits, half a day at the ER going through tests and being given morphine for meningitis-like pain in my neck and head, then 2weeks of coughing and congestion to trace it all back to the My Pillow.

After CT of my head, spinal tapp, chest exray, they all show negative.

I'm a post-liver transplant, 72-year old lady who has a weakened immune system. What a fool I was to buy the My Pillow.


Oh my! I am sure glad I came and read these reviews!!

I have serious lung diseases and the last thing I need is pillows I am sensitive to!

Thanks everyone! I spend enough time in hospital and picc line etc.!


I have a burning rash on my face after recently purchasing these pillows. Throwing them in the trash!!!!


Me 2!!!


I've had a rash all over the sides & bottom of my face/neck. I've gone to the dermatologist & nothing has worked.

I did process of elimination & it's from these pillows! Called to see if I could get a refund & the said no.

Absolutely ridiculous! I've tried washing the pillow & even lightly bleaching it in the wash machine & nothing works.


Best nights sleep ever. No more knots in my neck.

Then shortness of breath. Hives break out. Wheezing. Doctor gives two rounds of steroid dose pack.

Symptoms gone. Dose pack runs out.......symptoms back!

Tracked to.......purchase of My Pillow!!!!!

OMG. I can't freaking believe it!


Same thing happened to me after 2 hours of laying on it.

Bringing it back to Marshall's!


I purchased it a year ago and started developing eczema on my neck and chin. The black, itchy patches are here to stay and I feel so disfigured. The pillow does wonders for my sleep if I cover it with an allergy free slipcover from Walmart.

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