My wife purchased two My Pillow brand foam pillows. Not only are they uncomfortable, causing stiff necks but we both started getting headaches in the night.

We didn't put two and two together. I started getting a tightness in my chest and shortness of breath again not thinking about our new wunder pillows. Finally went to the Dr. Well after an EKG, lab work, echo cardiogram, chest xrays, nuclear med test, endoscopy and a few other tests everything came back negative.

We finally put the symptoms in the time line of the new pillows. We took them off the bed and within four days the symptoms started to subside. Still have a little burning in the chest when taking a deep breath but no more headaches and getting better by the minute. The foam is out gassing and the odor is so strong that in 4 weeks it did not dissipate.

I'm not sure what I can do, if anything at this point, but buyer be ware. I am not sensitive to these things and have no allergies or anything medically wrong with me. I am a very healthy 60 year old gym rat in fine health.This was a direct result of the contents of these pillows. My wife is so relieved as am I.

We really thought that I had something very seriously wrong and had many a sleepless night while waiting for test results. This has been a terrible experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Location: Longmont, Colorado

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My son work up with his face swollen the first night. He had been messing with other things that might have caused the swelling so did not think it was the pillow but put it away for a few days & tried again.

Swollen again in the morning. :(

I loved mine the first few days & ran out & bought one for my husband & son.

A week later I have a stiff neck & headaches every morning. I am returning all 3 pillows!

Do be aware.


OMG...my mother and I have had the same symptoms, and they started around the time we purchased these. I’m going to stop using it


I am having a complete reaction! My eyes and face are itchy red and completely swollen.

I have no idea what was causing it until now.

I am ditching this pillow and hoping my symptoms go away! I am miserable!


My throat is tight,my mouth taste like metal & I keep a headache,all since I got My pillow.I had no idea they had to be fluffed out, how do I get them both back in the small box to return them?


I would try pillows again perhaps you both had a bug.,


I also had a reaction to this pillow. Congestion and itchy eyes.

There is definitely something causing a reaction. Cleared up when I stopped sleeping on it.


Did you wash them before use? I seem to be getting stuffed up at night, a cough and sneezing.

I just realized, maybe it's "my pillow". Using another to see.


I think I accidently pressed *** on your comment. Sorry about that!!!

I was trying to figure out what that did. Big guy does not sound very reliable when he comments on every post.

I just wanted to say I appreciate you taking the time to write this. I really wanted to believe in the pillow, I'm glad I checked it out.


My wife threw ours into the washing machine before putting them on the bed so they didn't have that factory smell. This lady is sensitive to perfumes, animals, pollen.

She'll get bronchitis from dust! ... and yet she doesn't complain like you. She just washes it every month now for 2 years and saves all that money on allergy pills.

I don't know what size you purchased, but mine was a god-send.

I used to cram 3 pillows into a pillow case to make them the right height. I bought the #4 thickness and that was the first time I woke up @ 8am instead of 3am.

I can feel my fingers in the morning too! I'll bet you bought one 2 sizes too large and are taking it out on the company now lol!!

If you don't want to even use their free exchange policy, I bet you can give it to someone with a larger jacket size than you, they would tell you how they love it.


Sounds like someone from my pillow wrote this. :grin


This was one of the most horrible experiences I've ever had in my life as a consumer. FIRST, the pillows (I bought 3 after the informercial) were AWFUL...too thick, very LUMPY and smelled terrible.

But,the nightmare began when I called "customer service" to exchange or return them. Rude people. HUGE SHIPPING CHARGES that you cannot recoup upon return, and just a horrible experience. Huge delay in getting credited back to my credit card. DON'T BUY THIS FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!

If you feel you just have to try it, go to BBandBeyond or Walmart or a REPUTABLE retail store where you can easily return the thing without costing yourself a fortune. BUYER BEWARE!!!


Dear My Pillow Customer,

MyPillow, Inc., manufacturers pillows in accordance with State and Federal regulations. MyPillow, Inc. distributes in excess of 8000 pillows per day. Customer Service is available 7 days a week and the concerns you have brought to the forefront in this article are not concerns that MyPillow, Inc. is familiar with. MyPillow is a U.S based company and our product is proudly made in the U.S.A. Please contact customer service in the event that you believe additional resolution should be provided.


MyPillow, Inc.


I really really hope you are paid well for the BS that you give others? Integrity!

Maybe Mypillow Inc, should spend a lot more time and effort in the costumer care services. As it does in the distribution of its tarrable product. All of Mypillow employees should be great full of the costumer. Because without them no job.

And if you look at the older gentleman in the commercial. He looks an awful like Mike.


In most cases the company leaves the number.

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