Neosho, Missouri

The next time you get the opportunity to watch the My Pillow commercial, notice that Mike has a religious cross or crucifix on a chain around his neck and hanging out of his shirt. While watching the rest of the commercial, I noticed in a different shot of Mike in a still shot showing him wearing a different shirt and once again, the religious cross was hanging on the outside of his shirt.

Is this guy trying to portray himself as a honest, truthfully speaking person or WHAT? That made me think that this guy is trying to make us think that he is a honest, religious person and what he is trying to sell you is a great product and possibly using religion to gain your confidence and sucker you in to buy his stuff.

I am 74 years old and have been taken advantage of many times by people projecting themselves as honest and very religious.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Reason of review: Leery of commercial.

MyPillow Cons: Hundreds of bad complaints.

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Has anyone else noticed that there are no black people in "My Pillow" commercials?


I also noticed the obvious placement of this cross. That's an immediate turnoff to me and if I were in the market for a pillow i certainly would not listen to a carnival barker making an obvious attempt to push is religious beliefs.


You got it all wrong. Read his story.

He's a saved man. Don't get on his case..he's giving the glory to God.

He's also giving back by fighting abortion. I'm on his side.


So he's selling pillows and advertising on FOX to promote a religious point of view? DISGUSTING!!!!!

I hope when he gets "rid" of abortion, he's willing to take in a few of those unwanted children who will be born.

Maybe you will too, huh? He has a right-wing agenda and it's gross.


Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Type your message here


Look up *** in the dictionary, and Mike Lindell's picture will appear.


Looks like my brother-in-law!


Give It a rest.


When my pillow commercial comes on I change the channel. That guy is disgusting


We do too!


the pillow guy is an idiot


You think he’s an idiot huh??Tell us how many millions of dollars YOU have made ! !


How many millions he has ripped offq

@Jimi Johnston

In guess it not possible to make money by just selling a good product. Really pathetic.


Agree..change the channel. He can make money but still be obnoxious.


At the end of the commercial,the guy he was telling about the pillow,is now also wearing a crucifix.


Turns me off. There are kinds of people watching the commercial (until they change the channel) Offends me..not everyone is Christian.

@Connie breines

The cross offends you? Look the other way.

What judgemental mean people! Simple kindness is not a hard concept.


And the same blue shirt... What's that about??


I just noticed that too! Walk the walk Mike!

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