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About thirty minutes ago, I saw the My Pillow commercial for about the 100th time and I decided I was going to take advantage of the BOGO offer of $19.95. I go to the website and the cheapest pillow I can find is $97.95 for one pillow.

The second one is free when you use PROMO MY800, but it's for $97.95 not $19.95. I then called them and after listening to Amazing Grace while being on hold the customer representative told me the price is $97.95 per pillow and that I must have not understood the commercial (essentially, she was questioning whether I was cognitive enough to know the what I had seen on the television.

I told her the ad was for $19.95 in the Houston, TX marketing area. She told me she would make a note and hung up on me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Buy One Get One Free Deal.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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In Miami, Florida also the ad says $19.95 offer buy one get one free with promo code M67. I guess it is a fraud.

false advertising. shameful


Does anyone have a video or picture of the commercial showing where it was 2 for 19.95? If so can you send it to me please?

I've looked for 2 days, and haven't had any luck.

Thank you in advance! My email stacilovesherlilman@yahoo.com

to Staci #1365091

Seen the same thing here. Saw these pillows at Costco today they wanted an arm and a leg too.

We told them about this ad we saw for $19.95. She told us if we can take a pix she would give us the pillows for free

Holly, Michigan, United States #1293477

Same here in Flint, Mi. 2 My Pillows for $19.95.

I too checked the website and the lowest is $97.95. What?

No way! Complete FRAUD!

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #1285647

I see $19.95 all the time with BOGO. What's the difference between that and the higher prices?

Omaha, Nebraska, United States #1281546

the same ad existed in the Omaha market area. I just went online looking for the 19.95 offer - imagine my surprise!

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1271458

I feel the same

False advertising

I will not pay the other price

What's up with that????


I see the same TV commercial (Philly marketing area, December 2016) where he announces that the pillows are $19.95, and then adds that he'll add a second pillow in for that price.

That's clearly $19.95 for two of their pillows. A deal I can't find anywhere in their website.

Rochester, New York, United States #1257428

Website says 2 @ $19.95. No deal here

Green, Ohio, United States #1247907

My parents seen the same commercial, we are in OH, but I can't find that special on their website or anywhere else!


I saw the same commercial. I don't know what kind of scam this or how "American" this guy thinks he is.

I am really ashamed that this kind of *** is legal. I'm just glad I was smart enough not to buy such a product.


A friend of mine was telling me about seeing this commercial for the 2 pillows for $19.95 deal, and I didn't believe him because they sell for $40-50 each wherever I've seen them in stores. The fact that they are the cheapest, crappiest pillows I've seen since the 80's aside, he finally called one night and the guy he talked to told him they were 2 for $89 (plus shipping, of course), and he couldn't possibly have seen them for $19.95 because they don't put prices on their commercials.

My friend insisted that he saw the price, and the guy told him to take a picture of the screen and send it to him as proof. What?!

After seeing one of these in person, I wouldn't pay more than $5 for one of these pieces of ***.



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