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Iv only had my pillow for 1 month and im having to put it in the dryer every few days as it keeps going flat.It is the right size for me iv checked several times.It comes out of the dryer really puffed up and with in a couple of nights its flat again. Im sick of it already.I followed the directions on the paper it came with and rang the people today.They told me they have never had a complaint like this before.And that the lady I spoke to had one and it was the best pillow she had ever had I purchased it on the 18 feb 2015 and its 27 march 2015 today.

So its been flat more times than it has been puffed. im 5 ft 1 tall and weigh less than 66kgs.So they told me id need the white one.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Reason of review: goes too flat to quickly.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

MyPillow Cons: Goes to flat to quickly.

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I've had the same issue and they keep telling me it needs washed and dried. I've done this many times and have returned the pillow twice for new ones.

I'm on the 3rd pillow and it's doing the same thing. I'm moving on to a different pillow.


I puff up my pillow each night before I lay down, not in the dryer but by hand. I often wake up sweaty on my head and having to fold it due to flatness. Hopefully will be better after 1st wash


Just got my pillow which arrived flat and clumpy! Am I supposed to wash/dry it first? I'm sooooo disappointed :(


my pillow goes flat within a few days, I have to keep putting it in the dryer, I am very diappointed


I have two My Pillows. Both go flat very quickly.

I find I have to puff them up during the night. I won't keep them.


My pillow goes flat too. Yes it’s easily fluffed back up, but goes flat during the night


Same here. But when i dry it and it's all puffy again it honestly is the best pillow ive had till it falls flat.

It's annoying but I'd rather have a pillow that flattens that i can always puff back up and is super comfortable, over a pillow that goes flat and Never comes back and isn't nearly as comfortable.

Also.. i talked to customer service as well and they offered to send me a pillow The next fill size up (white to green.) Green is a tad too much so my neck is slightly lifted but i thought that maybe when the green falls flat itll be perfect for me, right? Well i was wrong.

I now have three pillows lmao. they go flat but atleast you can always make it fluffy again.


Mine does the same thing, I have 2 and has lost more density then the other. I fluff them every day and put them in the dryer every week and they still go flat.


Due to medical reasons I can only sleep on my back. I bought the MY PILLOW hoping it would not go flat unfortunately it is flat every morning.