Don't believe the hype!!! I bought two of these believing they would help my migraine as hyped in the infomercials.

I Washed it ONCE and it turned into a bag of lumpy packing Peanuts it was absolutely unusable for any purpose. They will make you pay to ship it back and will not refund your $$$. They offered me a new one but after having to call, send letters, send the pillow back spend $$ on shipping I have no faith it will not happen again.

I now believe also it is a FAKE actor MIKE LIDDEL as the people who you get when something goes wrong all sound like robots. Bottom LINE:

Just buy a regular pillow!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Monetary Loss: $170.

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All the Mypillow really is, is cut-up pieces of foam... Memory foam, I believe.

Nothing more than that and for the ridiculous amount of markup on the price, I, for one, think its worst than "Highway Robbery"! Shame, shame on him stating that he's 'such a Christian'! If he REALLY CARED about people, he wouldn't be RIPPING THEM OFF!! Tsk', tsk Mr.

Lindel, shame on you!! And by furthering to use your religious stature as a ploy & a selling-point PROVES you're no more than a Thief and a Charletan, and you oughta' be ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!


Dont fall for this


I love my "My Pillow". I received it as a gift.

I would never pay $100 for 2 pillows!

I've had it a few years & it's still fluffy. I'm sure people are not following the washing instructions correctly.


You are and IDIOT for spending over $100 on two pillows! I buy great pillows at Walmart for less than $8.00 each!


Nothing, but NOTHING justifies bombarding people with his gawd awful commercials on a CONSTANT BASIS! Nothing!


Lol. I personally know Mike and I'm sorry but he is a real guy and actually the founder and creator.

As for your pillows, sounds like user error to me. You obviously didn't read and follow the instructions properly for waking and drying.

to Art G #1427057

The same thing happened to me when I washed my pillow once and I followed the directions perfectly! My husband’s pillow was still the same pillow after washing, but mine was never the same!

I will say the company was super! They replied immediately and sent me a new pillow! I doubt I will ever wash mine again, since it is fantastic!

I do have to mail the old one back, but I was sent a label and do not have to pay shipping! I was very pleased with the company!!

to Art G #1433162

Why does he charge FIVE TIMES what the thing is worth? Actually there's a class action lawsuit that shows what the piece of crap is worth.

to Art G #1592921

Well if you know him tell him Lori Kovack an Shawn Kovack love the pillows ..


It’s worth noting that I hated the MyPillow for the first few nights. I finally threw it aside and went back to my down pillow, and wow....

the next day my neck was so sore. The mypilloow was much better. I just didn’t fluff it up.

For anyone reading this it’s super important to fluff it up before every use. It will lump up if you don’t.

to Richard #1421020

For $80 *** it should be rocking you to sleep!


I have used My Pillow for three years. I wouldn't use another pillow. It is so comfortable and washes

and drys like new.

to Judy #1387905

I would literally die if you took away my MyPillow. It does get super uncomfortable if you forget to adjust the fill (fluff it up properly) but I could never go back to another pillow after the amazing sleeps on this pillow.

to Richard #1420916

Go to Joann''s craft store and buy a bag of the shaved foam for $3 bucks, then buy a zippered pillow protector from Walmart for $3bucks. Make your own pillow!

That's what I did. It's way more comfortable than the Mypillow I spent way too much money on.

to Anonymous #1433161


Jacksonville, Florida, United States #1324376

They guy's name is Mike Lindell, not Liddel. And I bought the pillows, didn't like them and sent them back at no cost to me.

Got my refund in 2 days.

I had no problem with their customer service at all. Not a fan of the pillows, but I can't find any pillows that make me happy, so that's not their fault.


This sure helps The real truth about my pilloe.I was going to buy two of them but I won't now. Thanks t

to Anonymous #1420917

You can make your own with shaved foam from Joann's craft store and a zippered pillow protector from Walmart. Less than $10 bucks for everything you need to make your own pillow.

Ansonia, Connecticut, United States #1256900

There is no way I would pay that much money for a pillow no matter how comfortable it is. I seen it at Wal-Mart for over $50 for one pillow I picked it up squeezed it and it felt like a regular pillow to me.

I bought 2 memory foam pillows at Mattress Firm for under $20 for both and never used one before and my hubby and I love them. My Pillow is way to much money if they go down in price or have a really good deal one day I might purchase.

Winchester, Indiana, United States #1229757

Never had a good sleep with it and never put it in a washer or near water it lumps up every time not worth it.

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