Don't believe the hype!!!I bought two of these believing they would help my migraine as hyped in the infomercials.

I Washed it ONCE and it turned into a bag of lumpy packing Peanuts it was absolutely unusable for any purpose. They will make you pay to ship it back and will not refund your $$$. They offered me a new one but after having to call, send letters, send the pillow back spend $$ on shipping I have no faith it will not happen again.

I now believe also it is a FAKE actor MIKE LIDDEL as the people who you get when something goes wrong all sound like robots.Bottom LINE:

Just buy a regular pillow!

Review about: Mypillow Pillow.

Monetary Loss: $170.

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Jacksonville, Florida, United States #1324376

They guy's name is Mike Lindell, not Liddel.And I bought the pillows, didn't like them and sent them back at no cost to me.

Got my refund in 2 days.

I had no problem with their customer service at all.Not a fan of the pillows, but I can't find any pillows that make me happy, so that's not their fault.


This sure helps The real truth about my pilloe.I was going to buy two of them but I won't now. Thanks t

Ansonia, Connecticut, United States #1256900

There is no way I would pay that much money for a pillow no matter how comfortable it is.I seen it at Wal-Mart for over $50 for one pillow I picked it up squeezed it and it felt like a regular pillow to me.

I bought 2 memory foam pillows at Mattress Firm for under $20 for both and never used one before and my hubby and I love them.My Pillow is way to much money if they go down in price or have a really good deal one day I might purchase.

Winchester, Indiana, United States #1229757

Never had a good sleep with it and never put it in a washer or near water it lumps up every time not worth it.

Somerset, Massachusetts, United States #1208343

take your meds

Bailey, North Carolina, United States #1208255

A previous poster said they are sold in Walmart.I found this out when I was returning something and the person in front had one to return.

It was then put in a basket to be put back on the shelf. What a crazy thing for Walmart to do with their no questions asked return policy. Of course, they are all going to get returned.

If it is sold on TV, it is never good.YOU GOT SCAMMED!

Pottstown, Pennsylvania, United States #1189031

I wanted to see the reviews before I bought a couple of the my pillow pillows. I didn't think they were as good as they sounded so thanks everyone who wrote a reveiws.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1183447

Just watching the commercial tells you its a scam, watch the way he manipulates the pillow with his left hand, he does it twice, to make the pillow stand proud, a $100 he must be laughing his #### off at all the mugs that fell for his lies, and bought this ***.............


I had the same experience altho it never worked for me. It is a scam and I can not understand why as he says he is approved by the national sleep assn. Wonder about that either they are a sham or he is a liar

to Anonymous Brockton, Massachusetts, United States #1214146

National Sleep Association was invented by mypillow then they approved it.

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