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this pillow is ***! smaller and flatter then my 5 year old worn out pillows.

You could get better pillows at the dollar store! This pillow is also NOT cool like it is advertised to have a built in cooling effect. I followed all the directions before using it the first time. This is a terrible pillow and not worth more then 6.00, and with shipping it cost me 71.00!

Don't waste your money, the inventor, Michael J.

Lindell says this is the worlds best pillow, in fact it is the worse in my opinion. I bought this pillow because I suffer with virtigo, and I woke with a stiff neck and had a sleepless night on it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Monetary Loss: $71.

Location: Bowling Green, Kentucky

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I bought the softest most expensive pillows. Two of four felt great before the 15 minute dryer BS.

Neck pain, plus dizziness next day. Trash.


The worst pillow i have ever had my dollar stores are better how is getting away with scam


Wow! We are currently here in 2020, and by the comment's which were entered here to date, it most clearly shows us all, as to why The Psychotropic Division of The Pharmaceutical Corporation sector, most surely has more $$$'s to make with folks whom have yet been prescribed their Daily Med's by their personal Clinician's, without an iota of any doubt's at all, too. Best of Luck!


I wouldn't purchase from little mikey if that was the only source of pillows on earth. Based on the commercials from little mikey, no one else in that company, and possibly the state of Minnesota is even remotely responsible for the development of the products. Equating the quality of commercials with the quality of the product and the service provided, there can be no question, the product appears to be high on the self-promotion of little mikey and low on quality.


The Dollar Store Group has never, ever sold A Pillow for A Human Cranium to rest on since its inception! So you are most surely & truly speaking out from your rectal cavity, when your cranial one should know much better, here to date in 2020, too!

Best of Luck with that chosen misnomer on your part as well, too! Enjoy!

@Trudy Zki

Spot On Trudy!


I agree with this lady as my Pillow goes flat every night, and it is not worth the money Mike charges and another thing, he says he is a Christian, which I am, but if I was in a business like his I would not charge so much for everything and I would not have a sloppy website. He just wants money.

I will never buy anything from him again.



Right on


im so tired of hearing his stupid lying commercials,every nite! where did a *** head get the money to start a business like this?

from selling *** or crack? what a scammer.

i turn sound off when his long commercials come on on fox neas net word, im going to tune out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i quit breathing at nite when i use this junk pillow.


I have degenerating disks in my neck and instead of having a slight curve in my cervical spine like there is supposed to be, Mine is straight. I had a heck of a time finding pillows, I had to replace my pillows at least every 2 months I always had neck pain especially after waking up.

I guess I watched the my pillow commercials for a really ling time before finely deciding to buy one. Well I'm NOT sorry I did. The pillow didn't preform magic. I still have pain, but at least I can get to sleep at night and wake up in less pain.

I've had really good luck with mine, When I purchased my mattress pad, I got 2 free pillows with it, a very stuffed one and a regular stuffed one.

I couldn't use the one that was really stuffed but the regular one is great. He offers a money back guarantee, instead if complaining why not just get your money back?


Because they don’t honor it.


I feel exactly the same and his commercials are every 13.84 minutes as I have investigated it and now he thinks he's an Author and a preacher and I have never seen anyone so into themselves as everything he's says is always my, my, me me me and I I I. He still looks like he's doing crack.

Also why does he have to show off his cross outside of his collar like that's going make us all feel like he's the second coming of Moses. He also botched up his invite to the President's press briefing as he was actually trying to promote his pillows. The president actually tried to cover it up and told his people that he didn't know he was going to do that.

Oh and don't try to turn the channel because he's there too. Someone please get him off the television.


Because he doesn’t honor it


Would anyone be interested in beginning a Class Action Law Suit against Mike and My Pillow. I know I sure would

@Excell Onq

Yes how can he say that he guarantees everything.


I bought one of their "Dog Beds" for my Dog, he woke up with fleas and my Cat ran away. Thanks' a Pant Load Mike,,, jerk.


I had the same experience with the bed I bought for my dog. He sleeps on the floor now and snarls at me when I enter the room.


If you ever went to a circus when young you must have heard a carne guy trying to get you into a tent to see a show. Well this guy Mike is straight out of a defunct circus and I blame Fox and anybody else that puts his adds on and takes his money gives me doubts about their credibility and I seldom watch them anymore.


Well Fox will never shut him down because he spends 46 million per year just advertising with FOX. I'm sure he's not going anywhere, but I'm sure they laugh their *** off about him.


I saw the product in Bed, Bath & Beyond...not impressed at all. And...I am so sick of seeing Mike Lindell with those stupid commercials.

I love how he let's that crucifix hang out of his shirt...like that makes him honest or something. Give me a break with this guy....

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